St. Thomas Updates
November 25, 2021
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The Staff and Vestry of St. Thomas wishes you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!
Adult Education in Advent
On November 28 we will begin our observance of the first season of the
church calendar, Advent. Advent is observed as a season of preparation
and expectation. As we move through Advent, St. Thomas Adult Education
will offer several sessions after the 9:30 service designed to enhance our
preparation experience.

November 28/December 5: Story
The Christian church, since early in its history, has harmonized the story of
Jesus’ birth as found in the four canonical Gospels. In so doing much of the
nuance of the story in each of the Gospels is lost. In these sessions, we will
reflect on the similarities and and differences among these accounts. We
will also examine some of the stories as told in the non-canonical Gospels.

December 12: Ritual
Religion scholar, Catherine Bell, has described rituals as “a set actions
designed to be special-to highlight, differentiate and privilege what is being
done. In this session we will examine religious rituals and how they affect
each of us and our community as we pass through various stages of our

December 19: Role of Women
On Mary’s Sunday, it is appropriate to examine the role of women in the
church. Mary and other strong and influential women played a prominent
role in the early church. Over the centuries this role has been diminished by
the patriarchal nature of the institutional church. In the modern church there
have been efforts to increase the role of women. This session will examine
where we are and where we are going.

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November 22-28
Sara Gorby
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November 29-December 12
Brett Moellenberg
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December 21-January 3
Judi Fuller
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The Taize Services mid-winter, a tradition at St. Thomas since 1994, will begin again soon, changing from the usual Wednesday evenings to
Tuesdays at 5:30 pm.

The first will be held Tuesday November 30 and will continue through the end of February with a two week break over the holidays. Taize is a quiet, meditative, candle-lit service that includes chant, spoken prayer, and silent meditation. When one enters, they are given a program and a lighted votive candle that can be placed on the steps leading to the altar either before the service begins, or at its conclusion. The service lasts about thirty minutes and is led by clergy and laypersons alike. The invitation is also given to walk the beautiful labyrinth located on the upper patio for centering and contemplation, prior to the start of the service.

Sacred Space

Sacred Space resumes Sunday, Nov 28, at 5:30 p.m. Sacred Space is a unique Eucharist service with candles, an informal altar, poetry, and world music. Come check it out!
8:00 and 9:30 Worship in the Sanctuary
9:00 a.m. Choir rehearsal
9:30 a.m. Children and Youth in Classrooms
10:30 a.m. Coffee hour
11:00 a.m. Adult Education in the Parish Hall
5:30 p.m. Sacred Space

5:30 Taize on Tuesdays