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Your Weekly Update

Our Mission

US Freedom Flyers is a group of transportation industry employees who have come together to fight federal and state mandates which aim to strip Citizens of their right to medical freedom. Together, in partnership with Health Freedom Defense Fund and The Davillier Law Group, we lead to preserve Informed Consent and defend Constitutional rights.

Our Vision

We will fulfill our Mission by promoting Informed Consent and defending individual medical freedom through preserving citizen’s rights to work and travel without governmental obstruction.

We accomplish our vision of medical freedom by engaging, informing, defending, and mobilizing in alliance with Health Freedom Defense Fund to preserve our Constitutionally protected rights.


We pursue opportunities to weigh in on issues that threaten medical freedom at nationwide events.


We encourage conversations to develop a deeper understanding of informed consent and our rights as citizens of this country.


We protect and rally citizens’ medical freedom and bodily sovereignty though teaming with Health Freedom Defense Fund and Davillier Law to fight back against the forthcoming Federal Mandate.


We use our national network to deploy representatives to ensure support is available when medical freedom is under attack, whether at the State or Federal level.

New This Week

Our first general member Zoom Town Hall was held on Thursday, September 30. We want to thank those who attended. While we did everything we could to prepare for the meeting, we were plagued by some technical difficulties which resulted in the meeting getting closed every 40 minutes and a limit of only 100 total attendees. Also, we had every intention of recording the meeting and distributing it for all those who could not attend but due to the same technical issues, that did not happen. In lieu of that, we are generating a summary of the meeting which will be attached to a forthcoming email. Please accept our apology that this happened.

Moving forward, we all have a lot of work to do and we need your help. There is a job for each and every one of you and that starts with spreading the word about what we're doing.

Every day conversations are leading to USFF increasing in membership size and becoming a serious force to be reckoned with! These conversations can be had anywhere, with anyone, whether in the grocery store, at church, or even on the phone with customer service agents.

These simple exchanges go a long way in helping our cause. In spreading awareness we increase pressure on those in positions of government or business who are threatening us all in to making a choice we would not otherwise have to make. It is against this specific thing, forced vaccine mandates and disregard of Informed Consent, that we are fighting; and in our case, specifically at the federal level.

Later this week we will be sending out an email explaining what Title VII is and how it may affect you. In the weeks ahead we will be outlining specific areas we need to focus on. For example, on the immense stress these forthcoming mandated are having on the health of aircrews, the abusive relationship that is causing a break in the emotional contract between airline management and employees, and the repercussions this has on maintaining a safe operation.

Thank you for what you're doing.

The US Freedom Flyers Team


Make a donation of any amount to support our efforts. Without your help, we can only go so far. Your donation will be used for our legal challenge against the unconstitutional Biden Administration mandate.

Donor Report

Total Donations to Date (9/29): $34,176


What You're Saying...

Every week we see emails and survey responses coming in and telling us what YOU think. Here are some of the latest.

"Thank you SO incredibly much for your efforts and for giving faith to so many of us." -KB

"This is a complete overreach by the government under the illusion of safety. They are using fear to try and strip away our freedoms. I will never stand for it." -JE

"Medical freedom is very important to me. If this is taken away what else will come?" -EB



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