December 23, 2020
Dear Village Resident,
Hello Everyone,

I wanted to take this time to thank everyone for your support of our community. This has been a very difficult year for many and I have seen you supporting our neighbors and businesses with donations and purchases, large and small, which has helped keep our businesses running and food on the table for some.

I also want to thank all of the essential and front line workers in Spring Grove. It's the dedication and commitment of the grocery and other store clerks, the delivery drivers, the restaurant and fast food workers, the teachers, and many others, that enable the rest of us to continue doing our jobs. The list is large and without you, this pandemic and holiday season would have been much worse.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all,

Mark Eisenberg
Village President
Thank You to our Sponsors!
Yard Waste Sticker Refunds Ending Soon
Don't forget the last day to get a refund on any leftover Groot yard waste stickers is Thursday, December 31. Use your Groot waste containers through the last week of December. They will take them away that week so leave them out at the curb. Flood Brothers will start on the same pickup day in January when you can start using their containers.
Thank You!
On behalf of the Toys for Tots program, Eclipse Hair Studio would like to thank our community for their generosity this year. The toy collection was extremely successful and as a result, there will be a lot of happy children this Christmas. Thank you for all your good will!
Now Delivering Savory Sandwiches!
Enjoy a Lucky Bernie's savory sandwich made of Boar's Head meats and cheeses at home this holiday season. Now offering curbside pickup and delivery! Buy some extra from their deli for your own midnight snack. Open 7 days a week. Delivery hours from 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Located at 2450 Route 12. Visit their website for the menu!
Photo of the Week
Views of the beautiful early November sunset taken from the yards of Emily White in The Vintage Subdivision and Cris Sutherland in Oak Valley Estates. If you have a photo of Spring Grove you would like to share, email it here.
Dogs in Danger of being Prohibited in Parks
We know how important it is for us and our pets to spend time outdoors to stay happy and healthy. However, the Village is receiving complaints about people not following the ordinance requiring pet owners to pick up their pets’ waste. The right to walk dogs in the parks will be prohibited if people don’t start following the rules. Please help remind others about this.

4 reasons why picking up after your dog is more important than you think!

  1. It will not Break Down on it’s Own. Dog poop can take up to 12 months to fully break down. Rain washing over it results in contaminated water that can be carried into waterways.
  2. It can Spread Disease. Even if your dog does not show symptoms of being sick, their waste can carry diseases that are harmful to humans and other pets like parasites and bacteria, which can stay in the soil for years.
  3. It is not a Fertilizer. Since most dogs' diets are high in protein, dog poop has the reverse effect of fertilizer. Unlike cows' (which eat plant matter) manure, it cannot be used as compost.
  4. It’s just Common Courtesy and your duty as a pet owner. When you take your dog for a walk, you are entering public property, and what waste your dog makes is your responsibility to pick up. Plus, it’s the law!
Still Time to Send Holiday Cheer
Birds of Paradise Flowers & Gifts has extended hours until Christmas. They deliver or curbside pick up is available. Please call 815-363-8568. Located at 2404 Spring Ridge Drive.
12 Days of Christmas Deals at Nature's Feed
12 Days of Christmas Daily Deals ends tomorrow, December 24. Deals are posted every morning on Facebook so be sure to 'like' Nature's Feed. Located at 2440 Westward Drive.
Last Minute Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers
For the dog lovers in your life, Fur the Love of Dogs has gift certificates for dog daycare, grooming, boarding, training & self-dog wash. Located at 2400 Highview Street. Call 815-675-3877.
COVID-19 Update
Face Mask 2
The Illinois Department of Health has FAQs regarding COVID-19 vaccinations. There are free COVID-19 testing sites throughout December in Crystal Lake, Johnsburg, Harvard and McHenry. View locations, dates and times here.

The new Tier 3 mitigation requirements aims to limit gatherings and encourages people to stay home to the greatest extent possible, while permitting some businesses and industries to remain open at significantly reduced capacities with proper safety measures in place.

Keep practicing the 3 Ws: Watch your distance, wear a mask properly (covering your mouth AND nose) and wash your hands frequently.

A map and information of the status of every Illinois county can be found on the IDPH website here. View a map of the United States and other countries to view potential risks associated with traveling. Areas with increased risk of COVID-19 are based on case rates.

If you have health questions about COVID-19, call the hotline at 800-889-3931 or email questions here.
Spring Grove COVID-19 Relief
If you or anyone you know is at risk of the COVID-19 virus and need help with grocery shopping or with purchasing other necessities, please contact a volunteer helper at
Blast from the Past
Ludwig and Emma Steinke and family emigrated to the United States from Germany in 1899 and soon moved to 1915 Main Street, next to the Town Hall. Their daughter, Clara Steinke (top left ), married Charlie Behrens in 1907. Charlie was the railroad Section Head and took care of the railroad tracks from Spring Grove to Lake Geneva. He had a crew that would fix out-of-line tracks or put down new ties. In 1934, a heavy snowstorm hit the area and Charlie was hired to dig out the train. Seventy-seven years later, in 2011, this Wisconsin-Southern Train got stranded in Spring Grove. This time our Public Works crew came to their rescue and helped free the train.
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