December 9, 2020
Dear Village Resident,
There's a lot going on in the Village that I would like to update you on.

Internet/Cable Down: Yesterday Mediacom service was down again. I know how you are feeling and I am feeling the same level of frustration. Before this last outage, I reached out to the Senior Director of Operations and requested an update on the reliability issues we have, mostly the lack of a backup system loop. I expect a report soon and I will ask him to address the Village Board. 
Unfortunately in 2007, Illinois passed a franchise reform bill, allowing cable and video service companies to obtain state-issued authorization to provide services throughout the state and removing local governments from the decision-making process. We will continue to pressure Mediacom for a backup system and encourage other providers to make an investment in Spring Grove.

Garbage Collection. Some residents are asking why they can't choose their own garbage hauler but instead have to use the one the village has a contract with.

About ten years ago, residents could choose the company they wanted. This came with a big cost, not only to the residents, but also the village infrastructure. At one time we had over four garbage contractors in town. There were constant pickups during the week which meant garbage cans were always out and the weight of all those trucks did damage to our roads. A garbage truck is a very heavy vehicle and they travel on the side of the road. With more than one hauler, our roads where being destroyed a lot faster. So the Village Board looked into getting a competitive bid for one garbage contractor. The saving was very large. I believe today we are still paying less than some of the rates ten years ago. One of the bigger savings is the road shoulders lasting longer.

This comes back to where we are today. Flood Brothers was selected through a competitive request for proposals process. The Village initiated this process since the existing contract with Groot Industries is set to expire on December 31, 2020. The request for proposals process allows the Village to select refuse haulers through a fair, open, and competitive process. While the Village’s current hauler, Groot Industries, submitted pricing, it did not provide the lowest price to continue to provide collection services. Groot has done a great job for the Village. We worked hard with them over the years to give you great service, but the difference in pricing was too much to ignore.

Flood Brothers will provide the same scope of services PLUS each household will now be able to set out eight (8) bags/cans of landscape waste per week (April – November) at no additional charge. Service includes unlimited collection, refuse and recycling totes included in the base rate, collection of one bulk item, six (6) electronic recycling items, and two (2) cubic yards of household construction and demolition debris per week, and no change in collection days. Here are the new rates. Currently we are paying $20.91 a month with Groot plus the fees for yard waste collection.
We will need to be patient during the first few week for Flood Brothers to work out the kinks of a new route. I hope this helps explain the single contractor for garbage pickup.

COVID-19 Vaccine Update. On December 3, I participated in a conference call with the Governor's office and Illinois Dept of Public Health (IDPH) that included mayors and county officials to discuss the state’s mass vaccination plan.
The FDA has not yet issued an Emergency Use Authorization for any COVID-19 vaccines. IDPH anticipates an update on December 10, such that would authorize the distribution of the first doses of a vaccine beginning the following week. 
IDPH estimates delivery of a vaccine to Illinois with distribution commencing the week of Sunday, December 13. The initial federal allocation of a vaccine includes 109,000 doses for the entire state, which includes 86,000 doses to be distributed to the 50 Illinois counties with the highest COVID-19 death rates per capita. Chicago will receive the remaining 23,000 doses. 
After receipt of the initial 109,000 doses, IDPH estimates receipt of an additional 250,000 doses in the second week of distribution, and receipt of an additional 300,000 doses in the third week of distribution.
It is our understanding that IDPH will distribute the vaccine to regional hospitals statewide, and those regional hospitals will then determine how to allocate the vaccine to local health departments and other hospitals within their region. In addition, the federal government has contracted with Walgreens and CVS to provide vaccinations to long-term care residents and staff. 
Vaccine administration strategies at this time are broken into two sub-phases: 1a – healthcare workers and long-term care facility residents and staff; and, 1b – critical infrastructure, such as public safety employees and others still to be determined. It is estimated to take several months to vaccinate groups 1a and 1b. Vaccinations are currently only anticipated for people older than 18. 

See the article below about new mobile testing dates and locations.
As we get more information, I will share it with you. 
Stay well, 

Mark Eisenberg
Village President
Thank You to our Sponsors!
Holiday Drive-thru and Letters to Santa Enjoyed by All
Over 100 vehicles with wee passengers made their way through the winter wonderland for a drive-by visit with Santa & Mrs. Claus on Saturday. Horse Fair Park was all lit up for the occasion and the elves had on their best costumes. Santa's mailbox was bursting with letters and they promised they would read every one! Thank you to all who attended this year's event! View photos here!
Beautiful Holiday Centerpieces
Birds of Paradise has created beautiful holiday centerpieces for your holiday. Choose from pine cone winter baskets, poinsettias, and birch pole planters (shown). They deliver or curbside pick up is available. Please call 815-363-8568. Located at 2404 Spring Ridge Drive.
12 Days of Christmas Deals at Nature's Feed
Beginning December 11 thru December 24, Nature's Feed will be having incredible daily deals to celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas. Each day will be a different deal that you won't want to miss. Deals will be posted every morning on Facebook so be sure to 'like' Nature's Feed. Located at 2440 Westward Drive.
Photo of the Week
Julie Barrettsmith submitted this photo of the gazebo in Horse Fair Park on a foggy October evening. If you have a photo of Spring Grove you would like to share, email it here.
Flood Brothers Disposal Information
You should have received information this week from Flood Brothers Disposal who will begin servicing Spring Grove on Tuesday, January 5. They have started dropping off trash & recycling containers but use your Groot container through the last week of December when they will take them away on the last pickup day or within a couple of days. Your Flood Bros. pickup day will be the same as your Groot pickup day.
Operation Feed 33!
The Jake Vinyard Foundation Operation Feed 33 will be providing meals to those in need this Christmas. Drop off donations at Nature's Feed located at 2440 Westward Drive thru December 12. View the flyer here. The drive through pick up is Saturday, December 19 from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. at Platinum Terrain located at 7701 Blivin. Please contact Randy Vinyard if you or someone you know is in need as listed on the flyer. Visit them here.
Toys for Tots Drop Off
Eclipse Hair Studio is once again collecting for Toys for Tots at their salon. Our community has always been generous to this program and although they know this year has been difficult for many, they still hope to to make a lot of children happy this Christmas. Final pickup day is December 15 but they will continue collecting until December 23 in case there are any last minute needs in the area. Located at 2020 Route 12, Suite U. Open at 9:00 a.m. Tuesday thru Saturday. Closing times vary. Visit them here.
January Weight Loss Challenge
Join the Spring Grove/Richmond 11-week Weight Loss Challenge hosted by Salli Renz at The Grove Pub & Grill. Sign up on January 5, 2021 any time between 4:00 & 7:00 p.m. at The Grove at 2008 Main Street. Weekly prizes, support, coach. View the flyer with more information here!
COVID-19 Update
Face Mask 2
The McHenry County Department of Health (MCDH), in partnership with the State of Illinois, announced free COVID-19 testing sites throughout December in Crystal Lake, Johnsburg, Harvard and McHenry.

The new Tier 3 mitigation requirements aims to limit gatherings and encourages people to stay home to the greatest extent possible, while permitting some businesses and industries to remain open at significantly reduced capacities with proper safety measures in place.

Keep practicing the 3 Ws: Watch your distance, wear a mask properly (covering your mouth AND nose) and wash your hands frequently.

A map and information of the status of every Illinois county can be found on the IDPH website here. View a map of the United States and other countries to view potential risks associated with traveling. Areas with increased risk of COVID-19 are based on case rates.

If you have health questions about COVID-19, call the hotline at 800-889-3931 or email questions here.
Spring Grove COVID-19 Relief
If you or anyone you know is at risk of the COVID-19 virus and need help with grocery shopping or with purchasing other necessities, please contact a volunteer helper at
Blast from the Past
In 1926 the Franzen, Shotliff & Oxtoby families enjoyed a sleigh ride in downtown Spring Grove. You can see the Spring Grove Ice Cream Parlor (which also sold cigars) on the left which stood at the SW corner of Main & Blivin Streets. In the photo from left are Mabel Shotliff Franzen, Alice Shotliff Wagner, & Richard Oxtoby (driver). In the sleigh are Kate Shotliff Sanborn Orvis, Emma Furlong, and Mrs. Richard Oxtoby. The children are Mabel Franzen's boys - Russell, Kenneth, & Lloyd.
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