October 7, 2020
Dear Village Resident,
The Spring Grove Firehouse will not be a polling place for the upcoming General Election on November 3rd. Residents who have voted at the Spring Grove Firehouse in the past and live in Burton 1, 2,or 3 precincts, will vote at Spring Grove Elementary School. Please visit the county's website for further information as well as where to go for early voting and mail-in ballots.
The McHenry County Emergency Telephone System Board has implemented a public safety service called Smart911. With Smart911, you can provide 9-1-1 call takers and first responders with critical information you want them to know in an emergency. This is a national database, which means your profile will be available to any of the participating 9-1-1 centers across the nation. View more information and sign up here.
Winn Road Railroad Crossing Repair
Detour signs will be going up on Monday, October 12, as the Winn Road railroad crossing repair gets underway. The rail repair should take about one week.
Vehicle Stickers Past Due
The 2019-2020 vehicle sticker fee has now doubled to $40 per vehicle. Drop the envelope in the Municipal Centre drop-box, purchase in person, or make a payment at the PD website here (choose one-time payment/police payment/vehicle stickers).
Birds of Paradise FLASH SALE
Birds of Paradise Florist and Gifts has a few mixed planters and potted mum. The 10-inch mixed planter is $15 and the 14-inch is $30. While supplies last! Located at 2404 Spring Ridge Drive. Phone 815-363-8568.
Trick or Treating
Trick or Treating will be held on Saturday, October 31, with recommended hours from 3 - 7:00 p.m. Those going door-to-door should wear face coverings at all times (over the age of 2). Those interested in participating in trick-or-treating are asked to turn on porch or outdoor lights. Those who are not interested, please keep outdoor lights off. Read more about precautions that should be taken this year.
Photo of the Week
Jason and Jessica Bis had this wonderful view of the big dipper from their patio in September. If you have a photo of Spring Grove you would like to share, email it here.
Hatchery Park Closure & Fall Trout Fishing
In preparation for Fall Trout Fishing, Hatchery Park will be closed Thursday, October 15 until Saturday, October 17, at 7:00 a.m. when Fall Trout Fishing season starts and anglers can keep a daily catch limit of five. A valid fishing license and Inland Trout Stamp are required, except for those under 16, blind or disabled, or an Illinois resident on leave from active duty from the Armed Forces. View more information here.
Burning Regulations
Landscape waste is allowed to be burned on the weekends in October and November with these restrictions. Please consider other ways to dispose of yard waste, including composting, disposing of through Groot by purchasing landscape stickers or taking it to a landscape collection site like Thelen Sand and Gravel.
New Adopt A Highway Opening
The Village is looking for a group, business or family to adopt Sunset Road from Johnsburg Road to Route 12 starting January 1, 2021. Your group name will be displayed on the Adopt-A-Highway sign. The agreement runs for two years and litter must be collected a minimum of four times a year. Bags and vests are supplied by the village. Please call 815-675-2121 for more information.
Treasurer Position Available
The village is seeking a qualified individual to take over the role of Village Treasurer. A bachelor’s degree in accounting or closely related field desired but not a requirement, or a minimum of two years of experience in an accounting position, preferably governmental accounting. View more position details here.
COVID-19 Update
McHenry County has been trending in the right direction, meeting all of the State’s COVID-19 targets and staying well below the threshold that triggers additional restrictions. So, please, keep practicing the 3 Ws: Watch your distance, wear a mask properly (covering your mouth AND nose) and wash your hands frequently.

View a map of the United States and other countries to view potential risks associated with traveling during the pandemic. Areas with increased risk of COVID-19 are based on case rates.

View current stats on McHenry County COVID-19 cases. If you have health questions about COVID-19, call the hotline at 800-889-3931 or email questions here.
Blast from the Past
Hunting Season in Spring Grove circa 1910 - Barney Wagner on right
Barney Wagner was the grandson of Mattas and Anna M. Nett Wagner who came to Spring Grove around 1850, along with other early German pioneers. They farmed on "German Prairie" which was anything south of town. Barney's father, Johann, moved to Stacyville, Iowa in the 1880s like many families from Spring Grove & Johnsburg, after the priest implored them to, saying there was good opportunity there and the local population needed more genetic diversity. Everyone traveled back and forth to visit family.

Barney and his friends are standing proudly with their guns, prey, and what looks to be a bottle of whiskey. Hunting season was different back then as alcohol mixed with guns is not recommended these days, but also the prey was much more abundant. These look like hares, a different species than the rabbits that run and play in our yards today.

When settlers first came to Spring Grove in the 1830s, they talked about immense flocks of passenger pigeons. There were so many of them, in the spring they had to be hunted from the farm fields to keep them from eating all the seed grain. Prairie chickens were also very abundant, but by the the 1920s the passenger pigeon was extinct and the prairie chicken was very rare.

Hunting small prey kept food on the table in the olden days. In 1927, Anthony Freund was out hunting with his friends driving along the north end of town when they spotted a large rabbit (or hare!) and quickly stopped the car. In great haste, he opened the car door and had one foot on the running board when his overalls got caught in the door. He tried to quickly free himself when the gun went off and discharged into his leg. Unfortunately, due to loss of blood, it was Anthony, not the rabbit, who expired that day.

In the winter of 1882, Dennis Haldeman and his neighbor M. Peck had a contest to see who could catch the most skunks. They each caught about 100, so some things never change. Skunk meat is definitely not a delicacy, but maybe the winner got a really warm fur coat.
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