March 3, 2021
Dear Village Resident,
Mediacom Update

This a follow-up to the collaborative letter we sent to Mediacom et al in December about the prolonged outages we sometimes experience because of the lack of investment in redundancy, and the lack of expansion to subdivisions that are not serviced.
This past week I had a very productive discussion with a Mediacom Vice President about this. He advised me that they have both national and corporate-level engineers working on our issues and said they are actively working on a resolution to improve redundancy. I was very impressed with the resources they will be employing to accomplish this and will keep you updated as the process moves along.
I also mentioned the need for them to communicate to their customers on how to troubleshoot issues within their homes. Most of the time, a number of the issues we experience are not on the main line, but rather the equipment within the home that sometimes needs rebooting or upgrading to keep up with improved technology. 
I believe we are making progress! And as always, any service provider is welcome in our village.    
Mark Eisenberg
Village President
Scot Forge Lands on Mars
On February 18, the NASA Perseverance Rover landed on Mars. Spring Grove's Scot Forge was a major contributor to its success by manufacturing the wheels that power the rover all over the Martian soil! 
In 2012 Scot Forge was asked to forge rings for NASA for an undisclosed project. Those rings became the wheels on the Curiosity Rover. Knowing that the Mars 2020 Rover needed stronger, more durable wheels, NASA tasked Scot Forge with improving the wheels strength and fatigue growth resistance. Scot Forge re-engineered the wheels to be substantially stronger, more durable, and better protected from damage caused by the rough Martian terrain. 

Spring Grove is very proud of all the Scot Forge employee-owners. Congratulations on a job well done! From the wheels of NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover, to mission critical components for nuclear submarines, to large hydraulic cylinders for the largest mining trucks on the planet, Scot Forge creates the precision forged metal parts used in demanding applications all over the world.

Mark Eisenberg
Village President
Easter Bunny Car Parade
The Village Easter Bunny will be smiling and waving to children and adults from the Horse Fair Park Gazebo on Saturday, March 27, from 10:00 - 11:00 a.m! Families must remain in their vehicles and drive by slowly through the park. View details of the route to take in the flyer.
Community Engagement Committee
The Village is organizing a new committee called the Community Engagement Committee. Their mission will be to organize, plan, and implement Village events to promote community fellowship. The Committee will consist of five members, with Trustee Mike Lee serving as the Chair, and the remaining four members to be residents of Spring Grove. There will also be a need for volunteers which are not required to be residents of the community. The first organizational meeting will be held next Thursday, March 11 at 6:00 p.m. at the Municipal Center located at 7401 Meyer Road. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, space is limited and a mask will be required to attend the meeting. Please send an email here or call 815-675-2121 if you would like to attend and either be part of this Committee or a volunteer at events. Hope to see you there!
Welcome a New Business and Help Wanted!
BB.Q Chicken – (Best of Best Quality Chicken) is coming soon to 2020 N US Highway 12 Suite D! BB.Q Chicken is a national chain and they are super excited to become part of the Spring Grove community. They are looking for members to join their team! Prior experience is most welcome and preferred, but what they are really looking for is great attitude, responsible, friendly mannerisms and excellence in customer service! View details here!
Photo of the Week
A photo of the Wolf Moon was taken by Donna Swanson on January 28. It’s thought that January’s full Moon came to be known as the Wolf Moon because wolves were more often heard howling at that time. We now know howling and other wolf vocalizations are generally used to define territory, locate pack members, reinforce social bonds, and coordinate hunting. If you have a photo of Spring Grove you would like to share, email it here.
Fire District Blood Drive
The Spring Grove Fire District is sponsoring a blood drive to be held Thursday, March 25, from 1:30 - 6:30 p.m. View ways to schedule your preferred appointment time here, facts about blood and donating blood here and about safety guidelines in place to due COVID-19. Thank you for supporting our local communities and helping to reduce the risk of local blood supply supply shortages.
Public Works Department Hiring
The Public Works Department has seasonal maintenance positions available. View more information here.
RBBA 2021 Registration Open
RBBA Registration for the 2021 Season is now open for T-Ball (both boys and girls) Softball (girls) and Baseball (boys) from the ages of 4 through 14.  Register your child at the RBBA website here.
St. Patrick's Day Plan Before you Party
drive sober
With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, the Spring Grove Police Department is reminding motorists to plan ahead for a sober ride home to keep celebrations from turning deadly. Designating a sober driver and not letting friends drive impaired are two simple steps to help avoid a tragic crash or an arrest for driving under the influence. View more important tips here. The Spring Grove PD will also be stepping up seat belt enforcement and speed limits and distracted driving laws will also be strictly enforced. The St. Patrick’s Day “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign is funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and is administered through the Illinois Department of Transportation. It runs from March 12-18.
COVID-19 Vaccine - Important Information
The McHenry County health department is focusing on vaccinating senior residents and finishing up second doses to people in Phase 1a.They had to turn away 100 people from a Feb. 20 vaccination clinic because they had improperly signed up and were ineligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at this time.
Appointments are scheduled through emails sent by the McHenry County Department of Health to eligible residents, but some recipients have been forwarding the links to others who are not yet eligible to receive the vaccine. Every appointment missed because of an ineligible person applying is a setback to getting our communities immunized, and eventually reaching the final Phase 5 of the Restore Illinois Plan.

Those eligible to receive the vaccine under Phase 1b include individuals under age 65 with high-risk medical conditions and those with disabilities. If you are in Phase 1B and Phase 1C, complete the enrollment form and once a clinic becomes available to each group, additional information on how to schedule an appointment will be directly emailed to you.

The Illinois Department of Health has FAQs regarding COVID-19 vaccinations. View information about getting tested here. View more information here.
Nippersink Library is Open!
View the library's Grab & Go hours plus new limited curbside pickup hours here. Masks and social distancing practices are required at all times. View their website & Facebook page.
COVID-19 Update
Face Mask 2
We are still in Phase 4 mitigation. Keep physically distancing, washing your hands, and wearing your mask so we keep moving forward, and not take any steps back. A complete list of Phase 4 guidelines can be found by clicking here.

Anyone who develops loss of taste and smell and has a fever, cough or other respiratory symptoms might be coming down with COVID-19. That person should be tested as soon as possible and contact health professionals for the next steps.

A map and information of the status of every Illinois county can be found on the IDPH website here. View a map of the United States and other countries to view potential risks associated with traveling. Areas with increased risk of COVID-19 are based on case rates.

If you have health questions about COVID-19, call the hotline at 800-889-3931 or email questions here.
Blast from the Past - Blivin's Mills
Catherine Bliven Rice
Headstone in Spring Grove Cemetery
Joseph Rice
Catherine Bliven Rice and daughter Frances Amelia Rice standing. Rachel Bliven sitting (L) and Louise Cairns with son William Cairns. Taken in McHenry in 1883.
John E. Mann, seated middle, in a photo taken in 1904, a year before his death. They are on the front porch of his home in Sun Prairie, WI.
Last week we learned about Joseph and Rachel Bliven who came to Spring Grove in 1841 with their two daughters Catherine & Emily (another daughter and son died in Rhode Island before they came) and son-in-law Joseph Rice. 

Their oldest daughter, Catherine, was born blind and deaf in 1813. She was married Joseph Rice out east and had a son Herschell, who was born in 1828 and died when he was 2 & 1/2 in 1831. Ten years later when Catherine and Joseph journeyed here with her parents, they erected a memorial stone for Herschell in the Spring Grove Cemetery. They had two other children when they arrived and five more were born in the next 15 years. Their second daughter, Frances Amelia (see photo above), was also born blind. The Rice's built a home which was only the third house in our downtown area. Travelers often stopped there to warm up, get a meal, or stay overnight. Soon the house got the name of hotel and tavern and was in business from 1848-1868.

The Bliven's younger daughter, Emily Josephine, was born in 1824, and married John E. Mann in 1842. John helped build and operate the Bliven's grist mill and opened the first store in town that also served as the first post office in 1847. He and Emily had 11 children together and left Spring Grove in 1851. Soon he was running a successful livery stable in Madison, WI. Then they moved to Fitchburg, WI and built a mansion and stable. Today their house in Quivey's Grove, by Fitchburg, is on the National Register of Historic Places and has been turned into a restaurant. See photos here. In 1872 they moved to Sun Prairie where they ran a hotel called the American House. John is pictured above on the porch of his Sun Prairie home (seated middle) with "the prominent business men of that time", but no photos of Emily have turned up anywhere. A family friend remembered her wonderful smile that "pervaded her household, her friends, and the world, through a long and cheerful life". She died at home in 1903 after a lingering and painful illness of "a disease of the stomach". John E. Mann was described as a man of "upright character, noble and generous" . He lived a long life and died two years after Emily at the age of 88 in 1905.
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