September 2, 2020
Dear Village Resident,
The storm clean-up continues. Completed areas are: the Downtown area, English Prairie Estates, Forest Ridge Estates, Greenridge, Lorraine & Oak Streets, North Ridge Estates, Oak Valley Estates, The Preserve, Red Oak Estates, Sanctuary Estates, Spring Dale Trails, Spring Meadows, Thousand Oaks & White Tail Crossing. There are many more subdivisions to go so they will get to you soon!
Census Update
The 2020 Census counting efforts will end on September 30! If you haven't already completed your census, please take 10 minutes to help our community get the resources we need for the next 10 years. Census workers are now visiting homes that have not replied, but you don't have to wait for a knock on your door.
·    Respond online at
·    Respond by phone by calling (844) 330-2020. 
·    Respond by mail. If you did not respond online earlier, you should have received a paper census form. If you need help with instructions, call the U.S. Census Bureau's toll-free customer help line at 1-800-772-7851, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Kona Ice Fundraiser on Thursday
The Kona Ice truck is coming to Westosha Legacy Athletic Club! Stop by on Thursday, September 3, for WLAC Cheer's fundraiser with Kona Ice. Grab a treat from 5 - 8 p.m. in the parking lot of 2449 Pierce Drive. See you there!
Outdoor Curbside Garden Shop
Come see the beautiful mixed fall planters and hardy mums at Birds of Paradise Florist outdoor curbside garden shop! Plants are locally grown and come in three sizes. All prices include tax. This Wednesday - Friday from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Located at 2404 Spring Ridge Drive. Call 815-363-8568 with any questions.
Photo of the Week
Anne Johnson sent in this photo of a beautiful sunset on July 29 framed by her gorgeous flowers in the Wilmot Farms subdivision. If you have a photo of Spring Grove you would like to share, email it here.
Real Estate Tax Payment Due
The second installment of your real estate tax bill is due by September 15. Pay by mail, at most McHenry County Banks, or on the county treasurer's website. Contact the County Treasurer office at 815-334-4260 for information about your tax bill, including the amount and tax payment procedures.
Vehicle Stickers on Sale
If you haven't received your vehicle sticker application in the mail, please call 815-675-2596. You are encouraged to use the enclosed envelope to mail in the form with your payment. You can also drop the envelope in the Municipal Centre drop-box, or make a payment at the PD website here; Choose one-time payment/police payment/vehicle stickers. Vehicles kept in the Village, whether used or stored, must have a current sticker displayed prior to October 1. Stickers must be purchased by October 1!
Labor Day Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Campaign
The 2020 "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" enforcement campaign will run from August 20 thru the early morning hours of September 8. The Spring Grove Police Department is joining law enforcement agencies throughout the state with extra patrols on the road to crack down on impaired drivers. Read more here...
COVID-19 Update
Face Mask 2
New guidelines have been issued requiring face-coverings to be worn at all restaurants and other food/beverage service establishments when:
·    Waiting to be seated;
·    Moving through dining areas;
·    Ordering from a counter, bar area or server at your table;
·    Food or beverages are being delivered;
·    Staff is servicing your table;
·    Picking up carryout orders; and/or
·    Social distancing of at least six feet cannot be maintained from individuals who are not members of your household
These face-covering requirements apply both indoors and outdoors and are intended to protect both patrons and front-line hospitality workers. Additionally, use of face coverings is encouraged at drive-thru windows when paying and picking up food.

The Illinois Department of Public Health has launched a map of of the United States and other countries to inform the public of potential risks associated with traveling during the pandemic. Areas with increased risk of COVID-19 are based on case rates. View the map here.

View the "It Only Works If You Wear It" public awareness campaign to promote the use of face coverings. Continue to take precautions to keep COVID-19 from spreading by staying home if you don't feel well and remember the 3 Ws:

  • Wear a Mask or Face Covering whenever you're in a public setting
  • Watch your Distance - Stay at least 6 feet from people who are not from your household, in both indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Wash your Hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

View current stats on McHenry County COVID-19 cases. If you have health questions about COVID-19, call the hotline at 800-889-3931 or email questions here.
Blast from the Past
Many Hoffman Family members were buried in Spring Grove Cemetery in the 1800s-early 1900s. The 1872 Burton Township plat map shows the cross where the family cemetery was located
Martin Hoffman & his wife, Hannah Cupp were one of the first pioneers to arrive in Burton Township in 1836. They came with four children in tow and had three more after settling here. In 1870, there was an outbreak of Diphtheria and the Hoffman family was hit hard. Two of their grown sons had families of their own by that time and they lost many of their children.

Son John Hoffman was still a young man in his 20s when his two daughters Alie and Edie both succumbed to the disease. Alie was 5 and Edie was 2. They were buried together in the Spring Grove Cemetery and immortalized in a carving on their headstone of them in an embrace.

Son Aaron Hoffman was already in his 40s when four of his eight children died at the same time as their cousins. Albert, Amanda, Ida & Douglas were ages 1 - 14. Senereta Hoffman (shown above with her husband) was 16 years old when she lost her siblings, which must have been a tragedy she carried with her for the rest of her life. She died in 1908 at the age of 54.

Of course, mortality rates for children were much higher overall in the 1800s. Another son, Philip lost a 2 year old daughter, Hannah, in 1857 and a daughter, Mary, lost her one year old son in 1871. All of them are buried in Spring Grove Cemetery downtown.

The Hoffman's first had a family cemetery located just of Meyer Road on one of their farm properties. It shows up as a cross cemetery symbol on the 1872 & 1892 plat maps, but the symbol is not on the 1908 plat map. In 1902 an obit in the paper for Aaron's wife Isabell Cole, stated "her remains were laid to rest beside those of her husband and children the village cemetery". In 2005, an archeological dig was performed to determine if the remains of the Hoffman family were indeed removed with the headstones. Two grave sites were located, one a child's grave and one the grave of a younger person, determined by the size of the the graves. Careful digging and screening unearthed the remains of old wooden caskets, bits of cloth that would have lined the caskets, and nails, but no human remains. This confirmed that the family members were moved to be laid to rest in Spring Grove Cemetery.
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