"Every Cat, Every Day Benefits From Winn-Funded Research"
November 1, 2017
A Winn Month of Catsgiving

November is Thanksgiving and Catsgiving Month

November is the month many of us celebrate Thanksgiving and more broadly we all can celebrate Catsgiving. It is a special day and time to be thankful to be cat parents and for all the blessings we have as individuals and families. One common blessing we truly value is the cats in our family, who bring us so much laughter, joy and unconditional love.  For cat lovers, life without a kitty, several, or many would be gloomy for sure.

Every Cat, Every Day Benefits From Winn Funded Research!

Winn Feline Foundation is an international, independent non-profit solely dedicated to cats.   Next year is Winn's 50th Anniversary. Through generous donations from cat lovers all over the world, Winn helps finance important, humane feline research. The Winn web site www.winnfelinefoundation.org contains a wealth of information about cat health and the research funded.  All cats around the world benefit by the significant research Winn supports. 

Great strides are being made in FIP, Cancer, Renal Disease, Cardiac Disease, Behavioral Health, Shelter Care and more because of Winn.  

Why November is important...

The month of November, along with the final days of 2017, is critical to funding studies submitted for Winn's 2018 grants.  Winn receives many excellent proposals but only a limited number are selected due to funding resources.  

Please Give Now -- you help  recognize Winn's good works on behalf of every cat and support critical research needed to continue making progress. 

Every person donating $25 or more in November will have a choice of 
Winn Feline Foundation's adorable car magnet or a copy of Winn's coffee table sized beautiful 50th Anniversary Book. All donors will be entered in a drawing to win one of two original drawings of your kitty or fur angel by talented artist Megan Davison, Bria tee-shirts, or Black Cats Matter car magnets. Donations may be directly given to Winn's general research fund or one of Winn's special funds. Learn more about How Giving Helps.  
Winn wishes all of you and your human and feline family members a 
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Catsgiving! #Cures4Cats

There's no place like Winn for the future of cat health!
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