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August 8, 2017
Winn's Weekly Feline Research Byte

Staying healthy and active ~

Debra Roberts continues to post blog updates about Luna, her Savannah cat, following Luna's last antiviral treatment for FIP. Deb writes that Luna is thriving and actively participated in her first backpacking adventure.

Luna is one of the bright lights, an FIP warrior, in this battle to treat FIP. Potential antiviral drug therapies are on the horizon, though for too many of our beloved cat companions, it will not be soon enough. 

Debra is holding an informal online poll if you have had a kitten or cat diagnosed with FIP - "wet", "dry", or combination of both forms. If you have not yet participated, you can access the poll here.

The Bria Fund's Virtual Raffle

The Bria Fund for FIP research was founded by Susan Gingrich and Jim Shurskis in partnership with Winn Feline Foundation in 2005. In the 12 years since the Bria Fund began collecting donations from concerned cat lovers worldwide, 21 FIP-related projects worth $382,384 (out of over $675,000 in FIP research grants) have been sponsored directly by the fund.

The Bria Fund's goal is to raise funds toward finding a cure for FIP. 
To this end, j oin other Bria Fund supporters by participating in the 
2017 Cures for Cats Virtual Raffle .   #EndFIP #Cures4CatsDay 

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