"Every Cat, Every Day Benefits From Winn-Funded Research"
December 6, 2017
Winn's Weekly Feline Research Byte

Yes, 50 Years and Counting!

It is difficult to believe that Winn Feline Foundation has been supporting cat health for almost 50 years. Yet, in that period of time, Winn has had a significant impact on feline medicine. We are proud of that fact.

Steve Dale, one of our board members, has written an article for Veterinary Practice News that shares just a portion of the medical milestones that Winn has been involved with during those 50 years. 

Please enjoy Steve's article and learn more about why we established  an annual Cures4Cats Day. Along with reading about Winn, you can  download a list of the most recent cat health studies that Winn approved for funding. #Cures4Cats

There's no place like Winn for the future of cat health!
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