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September 20, 2017
Winn's Weekly Feline Research Byte
FIP in the News

Join our friend, Smokey, as he guards the laptop computer to read the latest news about GC376. This is the antiviral drug, a protease inhibitor, that cured Smokey of the "wet" form of feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). It has been more than one year since Smokey completed his course of treatment. You can read more of Smokey's story and about other FIP Warriors at Zen by Cat.

Dr. Niels Pedersen of the University of California-Davis and Dr. Yunjeong Kim of Kansas State University with their colleagues just published online first with the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery a peer-reviewed article about the efficacy of GC376 in treating various forms of acquired FIP.

Winn Feline Foundation funded the early safety and efficacy studies of protease inhibitors against feline coronaviruses with grants, W13-020 and MT13-006.

Within Winn Feline Foundation, the Bria Fund's goal is to raise funds toward finding a cure for FIP.  To this end, j oin all Bria Fund supporters by participating in the  2017 Cures for Cats Virtual Raffle .  
#EndFIP #Cures4CatsDay 

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