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November 12, 2019
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Please RSVP: Grandparents and Special Friends Day
Trees and Wreaths for HSH
Hygiene Kit Drive
Stomping Ground Photos are here
Schoolhouse Fund
Special Dance Party Invitation
Common Sense Media Tip of the Week
Tuesday, 11/12: 3rd Grade Field Triip to the Griffith Park Observatory
Tuesday, 11/12: Harvard Westlake presentation to 6th Grade
Wednesday, 11/13: Prospective Parent Tour
Wednesday, 11/13: 1st Grade Field Trip to the Huntington Library
Wednesday, 11/13: Milken presentation to 6th Grade
Wednesday, 11/13: 4th Grade PIE Night at 6pm

Monday, 11/18: Climate Change Task Force Meeting at 5pm
Wednesday, 11/20: Parent Association General Meeting at 6:00pm
Blog of the Week - Mr. Narbe's History News
The 6th graders have learned about many civilizations that occupied Ancient Mesopotamia thousands of years ago. Located in the modern day Middle East, “the fertile crescent” was host to many kingdoms and empires that took turns ruling the coveted land. The Sumerians, Chaldeans, Babylonians, Assyrians, and Persians, were some of the many civilizations that contributed to the advancement of technology for future generations of humans. One such contribution was a wedge-shaped writing system called cuneiform. This form of writing originated first from pictographs, which showed actual objects, ideas, and sounds. Ancient Mesopotamians used a sharpened reed called a stylus to press markings into clay tablets. This is the reason why over time, the use of pictures was discontinued and was replaced entirely by wedge shapes.

RSVP Today! Grandparents and Special Friends Day 2019
Next Friday, November 22nd, we will be hosting our annual Grandparents and Special Friends Day! This very special event is an opportunity for all students (ECE through 6th Grade) to bring an extended family member to school with them in the morning and then to our Thanksgiving Community Circle. 

Please note that this event is geared towards grandparents . If your child does not have a grandparent in the area, they are welcome to invite an (adult) special friend to join us. That said, there are always plenty of special guests on campus to share and there is no pressure to bring a guest. 

Please RSVP for your child's guest(s) today and consider signing up to volunteer for a few hours in the morning if you have a couple hours to spare!
Trees and Wreaths for HSH - Only a short time left!
Your PA Board has teamed up with a tree farm in the Pacific Northwest to provide  HOLIDAY TREES & WREATHS  to members of the HSH community & local charities!

Last year, our incredible community  raised thousands of dollars for HSH  while donating over  100 trees and wreaths  to people in-need. This year, we are looking to top what we accomplished last year!


Go to the  website  and place a custom order for  your tree (multiple sizes and varietals available) or donate a tree or wreath to the charities offered online.  A substantial portion of every tree purchased goes directly to HSH!  You can  pick up  your tree or wreath at HSH in  early December  (Dec 7th or 8th)  or  you can  choose to have it delivered and we will bring it to you!  (Donations will be delivered directly to recipients by HSH volunteers)
Hygiene Kits Drive
Dear Schoolhouse Families, 

At this time of year as we begin gathering with our families and friends during the holidays and reflect on our blessings, we also want to remind ourselves that there are many who have not been as fortunate. Therefore, in keeping with our School Mission, we will be giving back to those members of the Hollywood community who are less fortunate than ourselves. Fortunately, there are many wonderful organizations that help feed the homeless, however, basic hygiene needs are sometimes overlooked. In past years, we have collected over 300 bags of hygiene items for the homeless that were distributed before Thanksgiving. 

Our Hygiene Drive will be held from Monday, November 4th - Friday, November 22nd.
All items collected will be passed out directly to the Hollywood homeless community through Hollywood Partnership.
We are asking members of our community to bring the following items to your teacher in a large sealed zip lock bag. Please involve your children with picking out and putting together these kits:
Hygiene Kit (Small or Travel Size Only):
*2 pairs of new socks (warm)
*Package of razors
*Bottle of mouthwash
*Deodorant (male or female)   
*2 Bars of Soap
*Hair Brush/Comb
*Wet wipes
*Hand lotion/cream
*Optional (but appreciated) - handmade card with a picture for the person who will be receiving the bag (do not include any names, please).
Stomping Ground Photos are Here!
Your school photos are here! Click the button below to see your child's photos.
Want to sign up for photo retakes? Fill out the form below at your earliest convenience.
Schoolhouse Fund
The 2019-20 Schoolhouse Fund has launched! We look forward to all that we can accomplish together with your support, and appreciate your consideration. 

To make your gift or pledge online, follow the links below. 

If you have not yet received your copy of this year's calendar and Annual Report in the mail, please contact stacey@hshla.org
Special Invitation: A New Kind of Dance Party
Do you love to dance but hate those crowded nightclubs? Do you like a good dance festival but don't have 3 days of your life to give up? Do you miss those days when you could dance with reckless abandon? Well. this Saturday, November 16th a new kind of dance experience is being launched that might be perfect for you, 

Put on your boogie shoes and come join us !

IndoSilver is a culture-driven nightlife experience that brings the fun and collaborative essence of the era of Disco to 21st-century clubbing. Using late 90’s and early 2000’s house as our musical foundation, IndoSilver’s specially developed line dances - which draw inspiration from the many legendary dances like the Shuffle, the Electric Slide, and the Soul Train - electrify the dance floor with unity and community
Common Sense Tip of the Week
How to Find Teachable Moments Using Media

Many parents have had that sinking feeling after sitting down with their kid to share a beloved classic from their youth only to get to a scene full of racism/sexism/ other terrible messages, etc. But instead of covering your kid's eyes and singing, "La, la, la, la!" as loud as we can, we can turn that scene into a teachable moment.

Of course, it's harder when it takes us by surprise, but when we seek out media that introduces important topics, it can lead to a great conversation, especially if you're not sure how to get it started. Little kids usually need us to be the bridge between media and real life to make connections and put it all into context. And tweens and teens—who might go full eyeroll otherwise—are more likely to push past those awkward moments if you're talking about movie characters rather than about them. So, while you're reading and watching together, keep your eye out for opportunities to tackle some tough topics.

Have a great week!