January/February 2016

The Welch Medical Library Newsletter is now Bi-Monthly. We're starting 2016 with our January/February edition. So you haven't missed a single story, announcement or update. We're fresh as a daisy and coming to you with all the excitement we can carry. It's a new year and our Newsletter might just have an item that makes your life at Hopkins a little bit easier. Braggadocious? OF COURSE! We think we're the medical library top banana. So stay tuned, because we're on the hunt for information! Just remember that it's now a bi-monthly hunt.

  Director's Message
Anne K. Seymour, MS
Director, Welch Medical Library

Our New Year!
Like many of you I am glad to see most of the snow from our record blizzard gone and am looking forward to warmer weather in the future. I have been struck by the many stories of neighbors, colleagues, and strangers helping each other out during the storm and its aftermath. I see the same spirit of helpfulness and partnership in our incredible Welch Library team. 

From atop our webpage it says " Welch Medical Library serving the faculty, students and staff of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. " We think our mission and purpose are succinctly described in that one declaration-we are your partners in your mission. Look for Welch to vigorously pursue collaborative opportunities that benefit the greater good of the Hopkins community. 

Through our joint research projects, our workshops, our consultations, and daily service our informationists, technologists, and all our staff strive to provide quality information service and place a high regard on patron satisfaction. We eagerly anticipate the challenge of identifying and tackling even more Library initiatives. We embrace our role as the information experts of Johns Hopkins. Whether you're on the East Baltimore campus, a few states away or overseas working in the most distant of destinations, our focus is to not let you get buried under a blizzard of information and data. We understand that pursuing your goals in education, research, and patient care can be a daunting task. If you ever feel yourselves falling off-course, or feeling overwhelmed we want to be that helpful arm that digs you out of the snow and saves you time and effort. Our challenge is to make your job easier. 

We see 2016 as a year to uplift and assist our patrons in ways great and small. Perhaps it's setting the right direction for a systematic review, organizing your data, maybe it's helping out with remote access, finding the right citation, or database. Whatever the scenario-winter weather advisory or sunny and clear conditions, the Welch Library will do our best to answer the call.

Featured Stories

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Featured Stories

Featured Stories

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Feautured Stories

Featured Stories

Brain Sabotage!

Brain Sabotage

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Welch Moments: Kriti Sharma
Welch Moments: Kriti Sharma

Welch Moments: Zhu Yaohui
Welch Moments: Zhu Yaohui

(Please "pump up the volume" for Mr. Yaohui.)
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Upcoming Classes

We're still early into 2016, but NOW is the time to register for one of our classes. Don't be left behind. Self-Improvement is a mighty fine tool to utilize. In case you didn't know --- you're in a very competitive environment. You owe it to yourself to step your game up. The best way to do that is your own continuing education. Take your pick: Database Searching, RefWorks, Searching GOOGLE, PubMed --- hey, we're not trying to sell you anything, the classes sell themselves.  So go ahead and REGISTER. Busy brain = Happy Brain. 

And, if you have a suggestion for a new class, something that is not being taught --  send us a suggestion for it.

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