November 30, 2015

Let our final November News bring you up-to-speed on "All Things Welch Related." We've been busy beavers improving our resources, making highlights and trying our best to provide the services you've come to rely on. 

So c'mon now --- GROUP HUG!

Welch November Highlight!
A pat on the back and hearty congratulations to the many staff in the User Services and Collections department and Advanced Technology and Information Technology at Welch who worked hard to produce the Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Digital Library  which officially went live recently.

Current and former staff involved in this project are: Claire Twose, Dave Kennedy, Sue Woodson, Dianyang Wu, Eileen McNulty, Kathy Danko, Ted Myszkowski and Shubin Wang.

This project is one aspect of the Strengthen the Evidence Cooperative Agreement funded by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau of the Health Resources and Services Administration. Welch staff members are working in collaboration with several faculty members in the School of Public Health on this project, whose overall goal is to increase dissemination of high quality evidence to support improvements in maternal and child health in all US states.


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Informationists are available to work with you at your convenience in your workspace, an office, a medical unit or lab. View Informationist Services for Selected User Groups to see some of the ways we can assist you and collaborate with your department.

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