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Here we are, with yet another edition of the fortnightly Newsletter providing you with the latest news and updates from the world of Immigration and Education in these unprecedented times.

In this issue, we delve deep into immigration updates announced recently regarding Temporary Work Visa Transition Information for Employers, Border Exceptions for Teachers, Migrant Exploitation Protection Work visa and Fees & Levies Refund for temporary visa lodged outside New Zealand.

This Newsletter will also provide you with information about the new platform for studying and the launch of Think New. It also has videos about studying while working full-time and healthcare industry pathways.

Under the programme updates, we always try to bring you the best courses available in New Zealand. The best of this time are Bachelor of Software Engineering - starting online and finishing on campus. We also have information about how to become a registered early childhood teacher.

In the end, we have included some interesting and informative case studies to allow you to gain insights as to how our team assists applicants in the visa application process with an endeavour for a positive outcome of the application.

We also have testimonials from clients who tell us about their success stories of getting a visa and entering during these difficult times.

Enjoy reading and provide your feedback by writing to us at [email protected]

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Immigration Updates!
Temporary Work Visa Transition Information For Employers

If you have any queries regarding any of the temporary work visa, please contact us. Our team of experienced Licenced Immigration Advisers is here to assist you with all your immigration-relatedqueries and confusions; please contact us by sending ...

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Migrant Exploitation Protection WORK Visa | Immigration NZ

Effective 1st July 2021, Immigration New Zealand has introduced a new visa called the Migrant Exploitation Protection Visa (MEPV). It is an open work visa that will enable migrant workers to leave exploitative employment situations quickly where...

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New Border Exception For Teachers To Enter New Zealand - ...

New Zealand's Education Minister Chris Hipkins has announced a new border exception that will allow 300 overseas qualified teachers to come to New Zealand. This will not only support Early Childhood Education (ECE) services and schools with the...

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INZ Refunding Levies and Fees For Visa Applications That ...

The Minister of Immigration has decided to lapse visa applications that cannot be approved due to the ongoing border restrictions. Immigration New Zealand (INZ) will refund application fees and levies for people who applied for a temporary visa...

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Education Updates!
From the CE: SWNZ: The new platform for new ways of study

Last month, we made some significant gains as we launched a new initiative and event in support of the Recovery Plan. In June, ENZ launched our new initiative with FutureLearn, which offers online courses from a range of New Zealand education...

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Think New with FutureLearn

ENZ has launched a prototype showcasing a selection of courses from New Zealand providers to worldwide online learners, under the national Think New brand. The prototype includes quality short courses that help learners upskill in areas of...

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Programme Updates!
General Updates!
Parent Residence Visa Category | Immigration New Zealand

In 2016, Immigration New Zealand suspended the parent category visa , which put many parents in a dilemma. However, in 2020, the government re-opened the programme along with another 1000 visas. Migrants who have waited more than five years to...

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Restaurateurs In New Zealand Affected By Border Restrictions

Across New Zealand, thousands of restaurateurs turned off their lights for a few minutes on Tuesday 6 July at 11.30 am to protest the Government's immigration policy, which excludes the hospitality industry from employer-assisted visa extensions. ...

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Latest Blogs
Business & Management | Immigration NZ

"Good Manager is the one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way" Our society could never exist as we know it today nor improve without a steady stream of leaders or managers to guide its organizations. We live in a volatile time.

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Immigration NZ | How To Become An English Teacher In New ...

Are teachers needed in New Zealand? Yes, they're needed. New Zealand is a country where students from all backgrounds, religious beliefs, income levels, ethnic groups are welcomed. Our previous blogs revealed that teaching in New Zealand is...

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Case Study
Wrong Course Choice Leading to Residence Visa Roadblocks ...

Celine had come to New Zealand from India on a student visa. She is married with two young children. Celine intended to study and then find a job during her post-study work visa. She knew that she could fulfill her desire to become a New Zealand...

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Student Visa Category: Course changed from higher level...

Vandana made every effort to prepare a decision ready onshore student visa application for Sylvia. She anticipated all the possible concerns and requested the necessary supporting documents to be submitted along with the application. Vandana also ...

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