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Auckland has yet again successfully emerged out of the surprise week-long lockdown. The local businesses are trying to recover from it once again.

There have been some important announcements by Immigration New Zealand on the immigration front that are covered in this edition.

Meanwhile, Universities have been promoting online courses to international students, and the advantage accruing out of studying them. Please do increase your awareness by reading the blog that we have written on the topic.

Valuable information on scholarships being offered to international students by the top universities are also mentioned. 

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Immigration Updates
New Zealand Shifts To Mandatory Registration Of All...

Mandatory registration is required by law from 27 February 2021 for all social workers to undertake employment in New Zealand. Residence immigration instructions have been amended to incorporate Social worker occupation to the list of occupations ...

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New Zealand Adapts To Changing Immigration Demands

The immigration system is facing an unprecedented challenge as New Zealand continues to respond to the global COVID-19 pandemic. With border restrictions remaining in place for almost 12 months, incoming visa volumes from people who are offshore...

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New Zealand Dairy Sector Update: Skilled Occupations

Changes have been made to Residence and Temporary Entry immigration instructions by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) to reflect new task descriptions developed by Statistics New Zealand, for three dairy roles under the occupation Dairy Cattle Farmer ...

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NZ Immigration officials targeting rich overseas...

Immigration NZ has been processing applications for rich foreigners hoping to get investor residency status in New Zealand, even though the pandemic-related border closure means most of them can not enter the country.

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Education Updates
Top scholarships in New Zealand for international students

New Zealand's higher education sector has boomed, with increased interest from students in Asian and Pacific countries vying for scholarships in New Zealand. It has long been famed for having breathtaking natural landscapes, way more sheep than...

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International student downturn costs 700 university jobs

Nearly 700 university staff are losing or leaving their jobs because of a financial hole left by falling foreign enrolments. The eight institutions are missing hundreds of millions in student fees this year because they are expecting no more than ...

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Blog Post
How To Get Prior Learning Or Experience Credited To Get...

Due to the pandemic, New Zealand borders are closed. However, this doesn't mean the international students who want to study in this island nation have to "wait" for things to get back to normal. In addition to enhancing their skills and...

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New Zealand Government Moves To Stabilise International...

New Zealand is one of the most preferred educational destinations globally and has attracted students worldwide. Unfortunately, the educational sector is one of the most affected sectors due to the pandemic. However, the government knows the...

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Case Studies
Breach of Student Visa Work Rights: A Case Study by IANZ ...

Bikash came to New Zealand on a First Time Student Visa from offshore (Nepal) to pursue a Hospitality Management course. However, when he applied for a further visa, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) declined his application on the reasons for...

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Undeclared Immigration History in Work Visa Application...

Jacy admitted that it was a grave mistake on his part, even though it happened in his early 20's. It was an isolated incident that had occurred due to his poor judgment at that particular moment. Since then, he has come a long way. He has taken...

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New Zealand Border Exception for Critical Health Workers
New Zealand Border Exception For Family Reunification!
Critical Health Workers: New Zealand 👇

Possible options for Partners & Dependent Children to Enter

👍 Partners and Dependent Children of Nurses Enrolled in CAP (Competency Assessment Programme)
Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) Residence Visa Process
🇳🇿 New Zealand Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) Visa is a preferred pathway to residence through work for families who want to obtain permanent residency.

🏠 Applicants must have the right set of skills, qualifications, and work experience!
If you have further queries email : [email protected]
📞 Phone: +64 9 379 0219