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The Government’s plan of reconnecting New Zealand with the world is going ahead as scheduled and many migrants onshore are slowly able to reunite with their loved ones.
Important travel updates have been announced by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) which includes information regarding travel from visa-waiver countries and slight changes in Working Holiday Scheme (WHS) start date for a few countries. Besides this, some existing border class exceptions have been expanded and new ones have also been introduced. Changes have also been announced regarding Australia’s citizens & Permanent Resident Visa holders, the Recognised Seasonal Employment (RSE) and Supplementary Seasonal Employment (SSE) schemes.
One of the most important INZ announcements is the resumed processing of Resident Visa (RV) applications of those who had applied for residence after the NZ borders closed in March 2022. RV applications had stagnated in the frozen processing queue indefinitely since then.
Also, INZ has announced the immigration instructions for the new Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) which starts on 4 July 2022. This provided more clarity about the requirements & processes to be followed.
Many of you have been contacting us for information regarding the Culturally Arranged Marriage (CAM) visitor visa. In this newsletter, we have included a very interesting and informative article on this topic.
Since the lodgement of 2021 Resident Visa applications continues, we have included an article on the supporting documentary evidence required for each criterion.
Do read about NZ visa interviews and the impact of breaching NZ work visa conditions included in this newsletter.
In the education updates section, we have included articles about Te Pūkenga’s new international education strategy and information about the ongoing nomination process for the student cohort 4.
The Essential Skills Work Visa (ESWV) will soon be replaced by the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV). We have included an informative video and article about this new visa category here for you to see.
Our client success stories will help boost your confidence in us.
Last but not the least, don’t forget to see the webinar recording about ‘Career & Residence Pathways in the NZ Healthcare Industry
We always strive to give you the most updated news about New Zealand immigration & education. I hope you enjoy reading this newsletter.
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Vandana Rai
Senior Licensed Immigration Adviser
Update on Travel to New Zealand

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has announced soem more important travel updates. These are: People from visa waiver countries and those who hold valid visitor visas will be able to enter New Zealand from 11.59 PM, 1st May 2022.

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INZ - Expanded Border Exceptions and Introduced New Ones

Immigration New Zealand has made some changes to the immigration instructions effective 11.59 pm on 12 April 2022. The existing approved class of work border exceptions has been expanded for meat processors & dairy farm workers.

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Changes to Immigration Instructions

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has announced that immigration rules have been updated for: Changes have been made to the immigration instructions R2.40.2 regarding mandatory requirements for lodging an application for resident visa at an...

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Immigration Instructions Announced for the New...

The Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) is slowly replacing 6 work visas to bring in standardization. Migrants can apply for the AEWV from 4 July 2022. Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has now announced the immigration instructions that will apply...

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Update on Travel to New Zealand

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has announced that more than 3,500 people from outside New Zealand who applied for residency after the border closed in March 2020 have had their travel restrictions lifted. INZ has commenced processing of these...

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SSE & RSE Work Visa Updates

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has made changes to Supplementary Seasonal Employment (SSE) and Recognised Seasonal Employment (RSE) work visa instructions. These changes are effective 13 March 2022.

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Culturally Arranged Marriage (CAM) Visitor Visa

Previously, individuals in a Culturally Arranged Marriage (CAM) with a New Zealand (NZ) citizen or resident were only eligible for a Culturally Arranged Marriage Visitor Visa if the marriage was scheduled to take place in New Zealand.

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Submitting Supporting Documents for the 2021 Resident Visa

The 2021 Resident Visa has generated a lot of curiosity & excitement amongst migrants in New Zealand since its announcement last September. Immigration New Zealand (INZ) is using the enhanced Immigration Online System for people applying for the...

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Breaching NZ Work Visa Conditions and their Impact

When a visa is issued, certain conditions are imposed on the visa holder which they have to abide by. Depending on the type of visa issued, the conditions imposed could include, the right to work, the right

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New Zealand Visa Interviews

An interview is essentially a well-defined conversation where one participant i.e., the interviewer asks questions and the other i.e., the interviewee provides answers. A visa interview is when an immigration officer (representative of a country you

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New international education strategy for Te Pūkenga

Chief Executive Stephen Town says the strategy supports a high-quality, sustainable education offering focused on ākonga (learner) experience and wellbeing. "We have a unique opportunity to move

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Strong start for Cohort 4 international students

Nominations are progressing well for the border exception class of up to 5,000 international students, with some places still available to students in English language schools (ELS) , private training establishment s (PTEs) and schooling sectors...

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Accredited Employer Work Visa
Accredited Employer
Work Visa

Understand all the policies, criteria, and requirements when it comes to hiring migrants.
Accredited Employer Work Visa Changes

The Essential Skills Work Visa and Talent (Accredited Employer) Work Visa will be replaced by the new Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) from 4 July 2022.

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The shortage in the Healthcare sector has opened huge career opportunities for International Students to study, work and settle in New Zealand.

The Scope
- Why choose the Healthcare sector in NZ
- Healthcare courses available
- Student eligibility criteria
- Scholarships available
- Career options open
- Residence pathway
- Plan B availability
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