October 2021
Z Budapest~The feminist witch who introduced California to
Goddess worship
(From recent Article in the LA Times, Sept.18, 2021)

SANTA CRUZ — In a small stucco house in a retirement community near Santa Cruz, an 81-year-old witch is writing a television series. 
She calls it “Baba Boogie and the Berkeley Broads.”
The premise goes like this: Baba Boogie is a reluctant immortal — old and tired. All her friends have passed on, but she herself cannot die until she finds a new generation of women to receive her superpowers.
When a quartet of granny peace activists from Berkeley winds up in jail, Baba Boogie comes to their aid and finds the perfect group to teach her secrets.
Spotlight On Our YWC Business Members
Betty Berrysmith
Congratulations!! Entrepreneur and sought-after chef Betty C. Berrysmith is the Spirit of Stonewall Volunteer of the Year. A founding member of L-Fund and board member since 2013. Berrysmith offers her culinary skill and talent to raise funds for lesbians in need. Betty has cooked and served her award-winning gumbo for thousands at the original L-Fund gala fundraiser known as the Gumbo Gala. Betty loves cooking for new friends in the community, so she would like you to join! https://foodnome.com/menus/mxqxj 
Ronni Sanlo~
“You DO have the last word: Writing your own obituary!"
Boating season is over so we’re heading to Palm Springs in time for Pride. If you missed my September zoom memoir class, I’ll host another on November 20th as well as a session entitled “You DO have the last word: writing your own obituary!” (Registration at www.ronnisanlo.com). I’m creating an LGBTQ history talk that I’ll present at Purdue University at the end of October and hope to share it in Palm Springs at some point. And Kelly and I both, as usual, are knee-deep in politics. We’re looking forward to our return to PS so you can meet our puppy Popeye! (100 words)

My Name Is Pauli Murray~ Reference: Wikipedia
Pauli Murray enrolled in the law school at Howard University, where she was the only woman in her class. Murray graduated first in her class, but she was denied the chance to do post-graduate work at Harvard University because of her gender. She called such prejudice against women "Jane Crow", alluding to the Jim Crow laws that enforced racial segregation in the Southern United States. She earned a master's degree in law at University of California, Berkeley, and in 1965 she became the first African American to receive a Doctor of Juridical Science degree from Yale Law School.
Click here for Amazon Prime Video Trailer “My Name is Pauli Murray"
Transitioning A Side Hustle Into A Successful Business: A Detailed Guide
Courtesy of SCORE
Currently, over 70 million Americans have a side hustle. That's approximately 45% of the working population. Starting a side hustle has many benefits, as you can earn extra income, develop new skills, become a small business owner and quit your day job. 
But how do you transition your side hustle into a full business? This article will cover eight steps you need to follow to turn your side hustle into a successful business.
#1. Adopt the right mindset 
First, you'll need to adopt a growth mindset. A growth mindset says that people constantly change and develop....To continue Click here
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