Dear Friend,

As you make your financial decisions before year's end, please know that the Community Foundation of Greater New Britain sincerely appreciates your support throughout the year. Whether you made a gift to our Civic Leadership Fund, Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico Relief Fund, or any of the other Donor Advised Funds and Scholarships we manage for families and organizations, we are grateful for your support.
Did you know that 11 percent of all online charitable giving occurs in the last three days of the year? With that in mind, and changes to the tax code that may impact future charitable giving on the horizon, we'd like to offer a few year-end giving opportunities for you to consider.
Consider an online gift by the 31st at to support any of the following;
  • Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico Relief Fund: Providing support through community action agencies as they rebuild and to residents of Puerto Rico who have moved to our area during that rebuilding phase.
Establish Your Own Fund!

You might also consider the opportunity to establish your own Donor Advised Fund or Scholarship with our Foundation. We make it easy to be a philanthropist!

The minimum amount to establish a Donor Advised Fund is only $5,000. We manage the assets, keep you regularly informed and every year you have the opportunity to distribute a certain percentage of the fund to non-profit causes that are dear to your heart. The minimum amount to establish a Scholarship with us is only $25,000.

If this is the right time for you to establish or begin a "build-a-fund" effort over a period of years toward your goal of a fund or scholarship we welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you and accept a gift during 2017 to get the process started.

Call us today for more information at (860) 229-6018 or e-mail me directly. Thank you again for your support and Happy New Year!
David J. Obedzinski
AFSCME Local 1214, representing 80 state employees at Charter Oak State College and the Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium, recently visited the Community Foundation to present a $1,500 gift from its members to the Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico Relief Fund.
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