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“Sure, it was your idea and your fly, but he caught the big fish. Remember, fairness is a human idea largely unknown in nature.”
~ John Gierach
Message From The President
I hoped I could start this month’s newsletter with a “Happy April Fools Day” salutation and tell you the Covid-19 pandemic is just a bad dream … unfortunately that’s not the case. Things have certainly changed in the last 30-days. Here in Arizona we’re being asked to “stay-at-home,” as opposed to “shelter-in-place” or outright quarantine being demanded in some areas.

While the new restrictions make in-person meetings or gatherings an issue, fortunately, outdoor recreation is one area we are encouraged to participate. And, while a rugby scrum isn’t social distancing fortunately for us fly-fishing can be. What better way to “social distance” than standing in a river or stream six-feet or more from one another!

Early March started well; we were quite active. Several of us participated with Camo at the Capitol on March 9, see more in the Public Policy Section below. Then seemingly the wheels came off: meetings and outings were cancelled or rescheduled as webinars, and suddenly we had free time on our hands. Some of us went fishing.

Because of the early school closures, we've had to end the Trout in the Classroom program for this year. Jim Walker gives us an update.

As we continue to navigate these trying times, we encourage you all to turn off the constant news barrage, wash your hands frequently, and please quit hoarding the toilet paper. Get outside; go fishing, get some exercise; and keep your social distance.

Looking for an opportunity to fish Lees Ferry while supporting AZTU? The Arizona Council has a raffle for a three-day, two-night outing package for two. See more here and below. We know they’ll reopen, so support your council and Trout Unlimited. 

Here are some of the articles in this month's Newsletter.
  • Photo Contest - See next article
  • Camo at the Capitol, and other Public Policy doings
  • Trout in The Classroom - Update
  • Diversity And Inclusion - Continuing the Momentum
  • Women's Activities To Check Out
  • Win a trip to Lees Ferry for two
  • Other Angling organizations
  • ZGTU and affiliates calendar
  • Follow ZGTU on Social Media
  • Volunteer Opportunities
We’re going virtual!!!!
Please join us for our April board teleconference meeting:
Thursday, April 2, 2020 7:00 - 8:45 PM
to join via computer: Click here . , or
If you do not have audio/mic on computer call
Until then, 
Tight Lines. 
Alan Davis
Share Your Adventures! 
Zane Grey Chapter of Trout Unlimited is now accepting entries for our photo contest!
Photo Contest Prizes
* First Prize:  Hand built H&H 9' 5wt fly rod and case
* Second Prize:  Hand built H&H 7'9" 3wt fly rod and case
* Honorable Mentions (three): Trout Unlimited ball cap
Photo Contest Rules
  • Deadline for online submission is June 30, 2020
  • You may enter as many as five (5) photos
  • Entries are approved at Zane Grey Chapter of Trout Unlimited's discretion; photos that do not meet the entry rules will be disqualified
  • Voting begins January 1 and ends July 15
  • Fraudulent votes will be disqualified at the discretion of Zane Grey Chapter of Trout Unlimited
The contest is free to enter. It's also easy. People can enter via the link below. Click here for complete contest rules. If you have any questions, please e-mail Tom Goodwin at
AZTU Participated in Camo at the Capitol Day at the AZ Legislature
Sen Frank Pratt (L) receives Plaque from AWF's Scott Garild for sponsoring Arizona Public Lands Day
Camo at the Capitol -  On March 9th, AZTU partnered with The Arizona Wildlife Federation and Backcountry Hunters & Anglers for the second annual Camo at the Capitol. The event began with advocacy training on how to engage legislators by former AZ legislator Amanda Reeve an update on AZGFD's priorities by Ed Sanchez; and a presentation by Jesse De Bell on how he built a strong advocacy group in New Mexico. Meetings were scheduled with Rep. Dunn, Sen. Pratt, Rep. Osborne, Sen. Otondo and Rep. Griffin. AZTU presented a plaque to Sen. Frank Pratt in recognition of his sponsoring the AZ Public Lands Day legislation which, in collaboration with Rep Dunn, passed both houses and was signed into law by Gov. Ducey. AZTU members also gave fly casting training and our hunting partners served game dishes on the lawn. 
Waters of Arizona -    The US EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers has issued a new rule regarding the Clean Water Act. This Navigable Waters Protection Rule will supersede the Clean Water Rule of 2015. The new Rule will significantly restrict which waters receive federal protection. The new Rule will take effect 60 days after it is published in the Federal Register. A significant portion of AZ's streams and lakes will lose federal protection. AZ is one of 3 states that does not have its own water protection laws. The AZ Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) Water Quality Department has been holding Stakeholder meetings which our Public Policy Committee has been participating in. The are in the process of forming a Stakeholder Advisory Group in which we are pursuing participation.

4FRI - On March 23rd, t he Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management (DFFM), in coordination with the USDA Forest Service (FS)   issued the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the mechanical thinning of 1 million acres of our forests over 20 years for fire suppression. This is critical for the protection of the watershed which provides us with many of our fishing opportunities in AZ, as well as much of the water we use in Payson and the Phoenix metro area. It is expected that contract award could occur by fall of this year.

2020 Legislation - The AZ legislature has gone on leave due to the Coronavirus.  They are expected to reconvene on 4/13, but that date will likely be pushed back.  There are three pieces of legislation that we are keeping particular watch on:
1)  HB2092 & SB1046 that would require AZ state approval of any private land sale to the federal government (we oppose);
2)  HB2551 & SB1350 which provide money for the Heritage Fund, $1M in the senate bill and $10M in the house bill. (we support) We are concerned that this funding could go away under new budgetary constraints.
3)     HB2675 which protects water rights if someone implements conservation efforts which allow them to use less water than their allocation, also known as "use it or lose it". (we support)

Diversity And Inclusion – Continuing The Momentum
At the TU annual meeting in Rogers, Arkansas last fall, the TU leadership placed Diversity and Inclusion front and center. It was a topic of discussion from everyone--President/CEO Chris Wood and our own Jim Walker, National Leadership Council Chair spoke about the importance of diversity to further TU’s mission. Breakout sessions brainstormed on how to better represent and include a more diverse membership. As some of our outreach projects have been stymied by current health situations, we are looking to take advantage of digital tools continue our momentum. Specifically, within the Women’s Group, Facebook postings, phone in calls and email blasts are still helping to build our community. We are rethinking what future events will look like—perhaps Facebook Live fishing demonstrations. Trout Unlimited is rethinking how we engage with our members and elevate our cause when we can’t meet in person. We want to stress that we should not fear the outdoors, but be smart about how we engage.
Spread The Word: Catfish And Carp Fishing Clinic Needs Volunteers
Preliminary plans are underway to organize an urban water fishing clinic. TU member, Paul Holmes, has started planning a fall catfish/carp fishing clinic for the public. Details are still being pounded out, but Paul would love input from TU members. Have an idea? Want to help out? Contact Paul at:  or 602.315.8992  
Women's Activities To Check Out
AWOTU Virtual Book Club: 
Time Is a River by Mary Alice Monroe
Next conversation: May 21st @ 6:00PM 
RSVP: Sara Westfall email:  
Join us! 
Thursday, May 21
6:00 PM

Call In: 712-432-0220 (Access code: 4632017)
Social media: Sara Westfall has started an Instagram page for Arizona Women of Trout Unlimited. Check it out: azwotu. If you're more traditional, try signing up for the private Facebook group:  Arizona Women of Trout Unlimited .
Challenges for Trout-In-the-Classroom (TIC)
As everyone knows the COVID-19 situation has resulted in dramatic actions throughout everyone's life. The Arizona Governor issued an announcement on March 30th on the closure of all Arizona schools through the end of the school year with mandated plans to offer classes in an alternative format, presumably online.

Through various ways teachers were able to manage their tanks for the temporary two week school closings during March. This now affects teacher decisions how to continue or to stop their TIC program for the remainder of the school year. Some teachers have been creative by doing video c onferences and YouTube videos of the trout and sharing with their students.

Since March 15th several emails were sent to teachers providing information on Year End School Requirements encouraging them to contact their volunteer or email .   

While these end of year program activities are underway, plans for the TIC 2020 - 2021 school year are beginning. New schools and teachers can email for information and how to apply for the no-cost program. 

This is no fish story, this is the actual size of these fry.
Your chance to win a fishing trip to Lees Ferry!
The Arizona Council of Trout Unlimited is sponsoring a raffle for a trip to Lees Ferry. 
The trip includes three nights lodging (double occupancy) and two days of guided float trips for two people with Lees Ferry Anglers and Cliff Dwellers Lodge. (Transportation, food and drink, and guide tips are not included.) The winning ticket will be drawn at the end of April.  The certificate will expire one year from the date of the drawing.
The cost is $10 per ticket and only 400 tickets will be sold.
To purchase a ticket, please click: , and click the "Donate/Buy" button. Enter the amount you wish to purchase, i.e., $10 -1-ticket, $20: 2-tickets, etc. Follow the prompts, and select raffle in the description box. 

If you prefer to send a check, please mail your check with your name, address and phone number to: 
Neil Warner 
2312 W. Cedar Ridge Road
Phoenix, AZ, 85085. 
Make checks payable to AZ TU Council.
Once your check or payment is received, your ticket stubs we'll send you your tickets.
Proceeds from the raffle will support our various TU projects and programs in Arizona.
Lees Ferry Anglers is Arizona's largest fly fishing outfitter and oldest fly shop at the crown of the Grand Canyon. Terry and Wendy Gunn are the founders and have been fly fishing all over the world. Many thanks to Terry and Wendy for making this fundraiser possible in support of our conservation mission. 
Don't delay! You don't want to miss this opportunity to fish the Lees Ferry!

Now that spring has arrived there are still fishing opportunities; don't miss signing up for the Trout Challenges in Arizona and in the West.
Arizona's Trout Challenge  was developed to encourage anglers to learn more about fishing opportunities in the state. AZGFD manages many waters statewide to provide anglers the opportunity to catch several different species of trout, including two found only in the Southwest - the Gila Trout and Apache Trout.
There are two ways for anglers to complete the Challenge: Catch four species of wild trout in Arizona and catch at least six of the eight total species in Arizona. 
More information and to apply can be found at Arizona Trout Challenge .
The Western Native Trout Challenge  - If you have been looking for another lifetime challenge to add to your list this could be it.
The Western Native Trout Challenge invites anglers to help celebrate our western legacy by catching native trout and char in each of the 12 participating western states, at their own pace. By attempting to catch 18 species throughout 12 states (at the master angler level) participants can enjoy the adventure of a lifetime!
Information and signup at Western Native Trout Challenge .
limited time only" or "only 7 remaining!"
Looking for a Fishing Opportunity?
Below is a list of fishing organizations in Arizona. Feel free to join, explore, visit their websites or attend a meeting to find out more information:
Arizona Flycasters Club
Sunnyslope Community Center | 802 E. Vogel Ave. Phoenix, AZ
Link To Website

Fly-Fishing Social Event night - 2nd Thursday of each month. Great speaker and awesome raffle. Donations support our Community outreach partners from Veterans to Youth activities.
Desert Fly Casters
Check website for details.

General meeting 2nd Wednesday of each month. There may be some exceptions so check website for details.
Sun City Grand Fishing Club
Sun Lakes Fly Fishing Club
Payson Fly Casters
White Mountains Lake Foundation
AZFISHBOOK offers a variety of social activities. Listed below are some of the activities available.

Check out the AZFISHBOOK Groups at:

Looking for buddy to fish with?
Signup for AZFishBook Newsletter:
Committee Volunteers
As always, there are many opportunities to participate in the various activities and committees, make new friends and make a difference. For more information, visit our website at  ZGTU Committees , contact us at Volunteer Interest Signup  or contact any  ZGTU Board Member  for details.
Join Trout Unlimited Today!
Not a member yet? Looking for a gift idea?  Join today at Trout Unlimited!
Your Conservation License Plate Supports TU Programs
The Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation (AZSFWC) license plate fund is derived from the sale of wildlife conservation license plates and member organizations as well as non-member organizations are eligible to apply for those funds. 

The Arizona TU Council and Chapters have received funds over the past seven years in support of the Annual Native and Wild Trout Conferences and the Trout-In-the-Classroom programs.
The next time your registration comes up for renewal, choose the conservation license plate option at registration  to show your support for conservation and our projects. 
Combined Calendar 
AZ Trout Unlimited & Chapters, Arizona Flycasters Club and several other area fishing and conservation calendars
You may access our calendar  here
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