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Protecting, Connecting and Restoring Arizona's watersheds and fisheries.
"When we teach a person to fly fish, we just created a conservationist." 
~ Lee Wulff

Message From The President
Welcome to the September 2020 newsletter. September, we hope, means cooler temperatures here in Arizona.

We have some wonderful news to report. On Monday, August 24, The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, stated they will not issue the Pebble Mine a clean-water act permit. This action by the Trump Administration is a big win for hunters, anglers, and anyone that enjoys the pristine wilderness of Alaska’s Bristol Bay. Jim Walker has an update later in the newsletter.

Your chapter actively pursued additional funding for two key projects your chapter is leading for the Arizona Council of Trout Unlimited: funding for the joint BSA Grand Canyon Council – AZTU summer fish camp just concluded; and the restoration of the R-C pond and reintroduction of Gila trout in Christopher Creek.
  • We received a $2315 grant from the Arizona Sportsmen For Wildlife Conservation (AZSFWC) the license plate fund, for support of our joint-venture fish camp with BSA Grand Canyon Council. We will use these funds for such things as the camper handbooks, van rental and camper fishing gear supplies.
  • We received $3000 from Arizona Flycasters Club through a Fly Fishers International (FFI) conservation grant for the R-C Pond and Gila trout reintroduction to Christopher Creek. (See more about both of these awards latter in the newsletter).

Looking for some new gear, or want some new clothes? If so, checkout the great offer from Orvis.

In further good news, on August 4, President Trump signed the Great American Outdoors Act that permanently funds the Land and Water Conservation Fund. This important piece of legislation passed both houses with wide bi-partisan support. See Tom Osterday’s Public Policy Section comments regarding this important legislation and its impact. To learn more about why the Great American Outdoors Act is such a big deal, please click here.

Susan Geer shares some thought-provoking ideas about how we can be more inclusive in our meetings and outings.

Also, we just learned there is one more space available for the Arizona Women of Trout Unlimited (AWOTU) Lee’s Ferry trip. Contact Sara Westfall if interested. or 480.225.5064.  

Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation Fund, AZSFWC, the license plate fund has a great fundraiser for a brand-new 2020 Ford Raptor. AZTU Council as well and by extension the Zane Grey chapter has benefited from these funds. See the article below.

Coming this fall:
Your Zane Grey Chapter begins a series of occasional member appreciation, conservation, and pint nights through-out the valley. Our first event is postponed. It was scheduled for September 24 at the Bone Haus Brewing in Fountain Hills. We’ll reschedule this event when more practical for proper social distancing. More information to follow; look for your invitation. 

Carp Fishing Clinic, Saturday, October 3, 2020 at Kiwanis Park. We’re hosting a beginning carp fishing clinic. More details are in the newsletter.

Tired of doing crossword puzzles and 10,000-piece jigsaw puzzles? Then consider volunteering for a position with your chapter board. We currently are looking for a recording secretary, a newsletter editor, and a board member at-large. If interested, contact any board member, or me

Remember the easiest way to maintain social distancing is to go fishing. Simply swing your 9ft 5wt in the direction of the person crowding you and you’ve exceeded the six-foot minimum distance.

Here are some of the articles in this month's Newsletter.
  • Grants awarded to AZTU
  • Orvis Days special for Zane Grey Chapter members
  • Public Policy–Waters of Arizona Update; Great American Outdoors Act signed; 4FRI Request for Proposal
  • Diversity and Inclusion – Different Strokes for Different Folks!
  • Women’s Activities To Check Out
  • AZSFWC 2020 Ford Raptor Raffle
  • Alaska’s Pebble Mine – Permit Approval Denied!!!
  • Other Angling organizations
  • ZGTU and affiliates calendar 
  • Follow ZGTU on Social Media 

 We’ve gone virtual!!!!
Please join us for our September board tele-conference meeting:
Thursday, September 3, 2020 7:00 - 8:45 PM
Join Zoom Meeting here

Meeting ID: 862 8257 4742
Password: ZGTU2020
Until then, 
Tight Lines. 
Alan Davis

Working on behalf of Arizona Council, we secured two very important grants for two projects your chapter is working on:

  • Fish Camp, our joint venture with BSA Grand Canyon Council and AZTU; and,
  • The restoration and reintroduction of Gila trout into Christopher Creek, and restoration of a fishing pond on R-C Scout Ranch near Payson.

On Tuesday August 25, the Arizona Sportsmen For Wildlife Conservation (AZSFWC) board granted AZTU $2315 in matching funds for the 2020 Fish Camp.
We told you of our Fish Camp success last month; we will use these funds for such things as the camper handbooks, van rental and camper fishing gear supplies.
We thank AZSFWC profusely for their generosity exhibited both with this grant as well as their past generosity. We are very blessed to have our long-standing partnership with the Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation. Learn more about AZSFWC, and be sure and sign up for their raffle; we’ve included a link to their raffle later in the newsletter. 
The second grant we received was a $3000 grant from Arizona Flycasters Club (AFC) received from Fly Fishers International (FFI) for the R-C pond restoration and the restoration and reintroduction of native Gila trout into Christopher Crk.
The nearby picture shows David Mayl, Education Chair of AFC presenting Alan Davis, ZGTU Chapter president, the $3000 grant. This project is a multi-year project that will reestablish youth fishing programs in a pond once contaminated and overgrown, with cattails, and served by a defunct, aging pipeline. Additionally, this project will construct habitat and structure along Christopher creek that will allow the reintroduction of native Gila trout.

The Arizona Flycasters Club is one of two primary, non-neighborhood affiliated fly-fishing clubs in the valley. Desert Fly Casters Club (DFC) and AFC are non-profit, tax-exempt organizations that support, and educate its members and the community in the sport of fly fishing, the techniques of fly fishing and the ethics of “catch and release” promoting conservation of fish and their habitats.

FFI and TU partner in many areas such as conservation initiatives, stream restorations, and many others. FFI is the preeminent organization for casting instruction and certification. FFI is also the affiliate organization for Arizona Flycasters Club (AFC) and Desert Fly Casters (DFC).
Orvis Phoenix & Zane Grey TU Partner in Giveback
Looking for some new gear, or want some new clothes? If so checkout the great offer from Orvis. The Phoenix Orvis store is partnering with the Zane Grey Chapter of Trout Unlimited, to help further our important projects such as conservation, youth, women, and diversity initiatives. When you donate at the store, your name will be displayed on the window to highlight your support. Or, you may donate to the Trout Unlimited Embrace A Stream program here. Either way, this September, when you give $10, you get a $10 Orvis Savings Card! Not a bad return on investment...
Waters of Arizona - Excerpts from Trevor Baggiore's Update

The Navigable Waters Protection Rule which redefined Waters of the United States (WOTUS) went into effect on June 22, 2020. Several legal challenges are working their way through the courts, but as of this date there has been no stay of the rule in Arizona.
Informational Webinar
An informational webinar will be held in September to discuss these actions in greater detail. Webinar date, time and access information will be distributed in a later bulletin.
Determining WOTUS
Two initial screening methodologies are in development and will be used to determine if an Arizona water is a WOTUS and if a discharge will reach a WOTUS. These methodologies will be used on a case-by-case basis until further guidance and new tools are developed by the the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). Additional information on the methodologies will be provided during the September webinar. 
Status of State Program
Development of the state surface water protection program has been temporarily suspended until the new methodologies can be used to define which Arizona waters will not be protected under the new rule. Once we have a better understanding of the gap, we will continue the state program planning efforts; our target date to restart that process is mid- to late October.
Protecting Arizona Waters
It is still ADEQ’s intent to seek legislation for new state program authorities during the 2021 legislative session. We are also preparing a plan on how to use existing authorities and enforcement discretion to protect uses of Arizona waters until a state program can be implemented. Additional information will be provided during the September webinar.
Trevor Baggiore
Water Quality Division Director

Updates are available on the ADEQ website. Search on "Waters of Arizona"
President Signs Historic Great American Outdoors Act
In our July newsletter, we announced that on June 17, the US Senate passed the Great American Outdoors Act (S3422) on a strong bipartisan vote of 73-25. The update for the August newsletter was that on July 22, the bill (H.R. 1957) was passed by the House on a bipartisan vote of 310-107. The fantastic news for our September newsletter is that President Trump signed this historic law into effect on August 4th! This is great news for anyone who cares about the outdoors of the US. Please write or call your US Senators, Representatives and the President to express your gratitude for their support of this landmark legislation.

Background: The Great American Outdoors Act (GAOA) provides full and permanent funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) at $900M annually. The LWCF, which is funded by oil and gas leases on the Outer Continental Shelf, is one of the most successful and impactful programs in our country’s history. The program has completed a conservation, recreation, or access project in every single county in the country! The bill also provides $15M annually to increase public access for hunting, fishing, recreational shooting and other forms of outdoor recreation.

The GAOA also provides $9.5B over 5 years to address the crumbling infrastructure on America’s public lands and water. The National Park Service will receive $6.5B in funding, and an additional $3B will be provided to the Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. Forest Service to repair and maintain public land infrastructure. To learn more about why the Great American Outdoors Act is such a big deal, please click here.

The 4 Forest Restoration Initiative (4FRI) Request for Proposal (RFP) responses are currently being reviewed. The disappointing news from the US Forest Service this week is that the award of contracts has been delayed. The updated target for contract awarding is "the first half of fiscal year 2021" which begins October 1, 2020 and ends March 31, 2021.

Guest Speaker for September 8th PPC Meeting

We are honored and delighted to have Sarah Porter, Director of the Kyl Center for Water Policy at the Morrison Institute of ASU, speaking to our group at our September meeting on current topics related to water in Arizona. If interested, please contact Tom Osterday at
The AZTU PPC hosts a virtual meeting on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 until 8:00 PM. If you are interested, please contact Tom Osterday at

DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION — “Different Strokes For Different Folks” – Sly Stone
The purpose of this column is to gently educate our membership about the importance of diversity and inclusion (D&I) to the mission of Trout Unlimited. Last month this column received many comments (thank you for taking the time to read and respond). What some read as offensive, over the top, making light of a serious situation and missing the mark entirely, others perceived as funny and a good way to drive home a point. As a result, the editors learned something: Discussion surrounding points of view is good. By discussing differing viewpoints, we all learn and become more understanding and inclusive. 

Traditionally, we think of D&I as differing socio-economic status, age, education, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. But there’s also diversity of thought and action.

Recently there has been much conversation around the proverbial water cooler as to whether Trout Unlimited is known as a fishing organization that supports conservation or a conservation organization that supports fishing? To quote TU’s National Leadership Council Chair, Jim Walker from Arizona, the answer is “yes.” He suggests that, while TU’s mission statement to conserve, protect and restore coldwater fisheries and their watersheds doesn’t specifically mention fishing, the protection of waters must happen first. Most people likely view TU as a water conservation organization made up of people who like to fish.

If it takes a bunch of anglers to work together to stop the Pebble Mine proposal in Bristol Bay, propel the Clean Water Act forward, combat climate change or stop uranium mining near the Grand Canyon, does it really matter which is first in our members' hearts? 

There are many conservation groups and many conservation priorities on which to focus. Trout Unlimited targets protecting, reconnecting, restoring and sustaining our cold, clean, fishable water.

Thinking about diversity of thought and action does call attention to the fact that our members want to get involved in other ways besides fishing. Think about joining the Public Policy Committee that meets via phone every second Tuesday of the month from 7:00PM - 8:00PM. 

The Arizona TU Council’s Conservation Committee has monthly phone meetings every second Monday from 6:00PM - 7:00PM. For boots on the ground conservation, we’ve teamed up with National Restorations who has scheduled a clean up for Saturday, September 26 in honor of National Public Lands Day. 

For more information on these and other ways to get involved, go to the website and click on the Upcoming Events tab at the top.
One more way to get involved and be heard? Be a guest editor for this column next month! Contact Susan Geer at to volunteer to write your point of view!  
Women’s Retreat to Lees Ferry.  
September 11-13, 2020 (Friday through Sunday)
$395 per person
Limit: 10 (women only) ONE SPOT LEFT - HURRY SIGN UP NOW!
Includes two nights stay (double occupancy) at Cliff Dwellers Lodge and one day guided fishing (two per guide)
Transportation to Lees Ferry, food, tipping and park fee are on your own.
We will be organizing a happy hour and dinner together for fishing as the event gets closer. Also, please note that there is a fee to get in/park at the Glen Canyon Recreation Area: If anyone has a National Park Pass or Senior Park Pass BRING IT and maybe we can carpool and not have to pay that.

• For more information contact Sara Westfall at: or 480.225.5064.  


Mail your check for $395 made out to Zane Grey TU to:

Zane Grey Chapter of Trout Unlimited
5121 E Nisbet Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85254-2252
Women's Virtual Book Club: 

Title: TBD

Need more info? Contact Sara Westfall:  

Next conversation: Thursday, November 19, 6 PM
Join us whether you've read the book or not! 

Call In: 712-432-0220 (Access code: 4632017)
Social media: Sara Westfall has started an Instagram page for Arizona Women of Trout Unlimited. Check it out: azwotu. If you're more traditional, try signing up for the private Facebook group: Arizona Women of Trout Unlimited.
U.S. Corp of Engineers Won't Permit Pebble Mine
A Good Day for Bristol Bay
The Zane Grey Chapter has been following and supporting the efforts of Trout Unlimited Alaska in the fight to stop the proposed Pebble Mine from devastating a world class fishery and powerhouse American economy in Bristol Bay.
On August 24th the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, stated they will not issue the Pebble Mine a clean-water act permit. Their decision and statement found that significant degradation and impacts to aquatic resources will result and there will no approval of a permit under the Clean Water Act Section 404(b)(1). The Pebble Mine proponents must file a mitigation plan within 90 days showing how they would resolve the direct and indirect impacts of the 2,825 acres of wetlands, 132 acres of open water and 185 miles of streams at the mine site.

Thanks to the many individuals who signed petitions over the past 15 years there will be protection for:

  • Bristol Bay which is home to 50% of the sockeye salmon fishery in the world
  • A combined Bristol Bay fishery worth $1.5 billion and supporting more than 14,000 jobs
  • Prohibiting a mine that would decimate 185 miles of streams
  • Stopping the building of an earthen dam to store 10 billion tons of mine waste forever

More details can be found at Bristol Bay Forever.

Great News from Grapevine Creek
On Monday (8/24), Native Trout and Chub program, Trout Unlimited staff, and a volunteer completed a visual survey of the Gila Trout in Grapevine Creek. We observed a total of 238 Gila Trout. There were Gila Trout everywhere there was water.
All fish appeared to be from the 2019 egg stocking. We did observe 41 Gila Trout upstream of the big waterfall in the areas where we translocated fish to back in June, so it seems that at least some of those fish have stayed in the upper section of Grapevine Creek.  
AZSFWC Truck Raffle
The Arizona Council of Trout Unlimited and Zane Grey chapters have been members of the Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation (AZSFWC) for many years and have been the recipient of many grants from their Conservation License Plate Fund.

The AZSFWC is conducting a raffle for a 2020 Ford Raptor vehicle. Raffle tickets are $20 each, or 6 for $100, with the drawing at the end of December 2020.

Buy Tickets here.

Did you know? ...

Five Things Your Fishing License Does for Conservation While You Catch Fish
  • Improve Fishing and Boating Access
  • Enhance Water Quality
  • Maintain Fish Habitat
  • Teach and Recruit New Anglers
  • Plan Long-Term Conservation
Now that fall has arrived; there are many fishing opportunities; don't miss signing up for the Trout Challenges in Arizona and in the West.
Arizona's Trout Challenge was developed to encourage anglers to learn more about fishing opportunities in the state. AZGFD manages many waters statewide to provide anglers the opportunity to catch several different species of trout, including two found only in the Southwest - the Gila Trout and Apache Trout.
There are two ways for anglers to complete the Challenge: Catch four species of wild trout in Arizona and catch at least six of the eight total species in Arizona. 
More information and to apply can be found at Arizona Trout Challenge.
The Western Native Trout Challenge - If you have been looking for another lifetime challenge to add to your list this could be it.
The Western Native Trout Challenge invites anglers to help celebrate our western legacy by catching native trout and char in each of the 12 participating western states, at their own pace. By attempting to catch 18 species throughout 12 states (at the master angler level) participants can enjoy the adventure of a lifetime!
Information and signup at Western Native Trout Challenge
Looking for a Fishing Opportunity?
Below is a list of fishing organizations in Arizona. Feel free to join, explore, visit their websites or attend a meeting to find out more information:
Arizona Flycasters Club
Sunnyslope Community Center | 802 E. Vogel Ave. Phoenix, AZ
Link To Website

Fly-Fishing Social Event night - 2nd Thursday of each month. Great speaker and awesome raffle. Donations support our Community outreach partners from Veterans to Youth activities.
Desert Fly Casters
Check website for details.

General meeting 2nd Wednesday of each month. There may be some exceptions so check website for details.
Sun City Grand Fishing Club
Sun Lakes Fly Fishing Club
Payson Fly Casters
White Mountains Lake Foundation
AZFISHBOOK offers a variety of social activities. Listed below are some of the activities available.

Check out the AZFISHBOOK Groups at:

Looking for buddy to fish with?
Signup for AZFishBook Newsletter:
Committee Volunteers
As always, there are many opportunities to participate in the various activities and committees, make new friends and make a difference. For more information, visit our website at ZGTU Committees, contact us at Volunteer Interest Signup or contact any ZGTU Board Member for details.
Join Trout Unlimited Today!
Not a member yet? Looking for a gift idea?  Join today at Trout Unlimited!
Your Conservation License Plate Supports TU Programs
The Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation (AZSFWC) license plate fund is derived from the sale of wildlife conservation license plates and member organizations as well as non-member organizations are eligible to apply for those funds. 

The Arizona TU Council and Chapters have received funds over the past seven years in support of the Annual Native and Wild Trout Conferences and the Trout-In-the-Classroom programs.
The next time your registration comes up for renewal, choose the conservation license plate option at registration to show your support for conservation and our projects. 
Combined Calendar 
AZ Trout Unlimited & Chapters, Arizona Flycasters Club and several other area fishing and conservation calendars
You may access our calendar here
Zane Grey Trout Unlimited
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