June Zone 6 Update
Thank you for being a Zone 6 member! Stay up to date with COVID-19 news, participate in the HQC Stable Challenge, mark your calendar for upcoming webinars and more.
Updates and Information about COVID-19
Many areas in the country are beginning to slowly reopen and horse showing is underway again in some areas. Click below for resources and information about COVID-19:

USHJA Feed Aid Designed to Help Horses in Need
The USHJA has opened another round of Feed Aid applications to assist horses in need during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Applications close July 13.

Feed Aid provides aid in purchasing feed for lesson horses as short-term relief for the businesses in the hunter/jumper community who provide lessons to non-boarders and may be suffering financially due to the impact of COVID-19.

Through partnership with various national and regional feed companies, USHJA members may receive relief through discounted and fully supplemented feed purchases.
The Horsemanship Quiz Stable Challenge is Open
The USHJA Horsemanship Quiz Stable Challenge is open until July 15. That means it's time to gather your barnmates and put your horsemanship knowledge to the test for a chance to win great prizes!

How to participate:

  • Go to the Horsemanship Quiz Challenge Practice Quiz page by clicking here.
  • Fill out your information and be sure to include your trainer’s name for your points to count.
  • Complete the practice quiz.
  • You’re done! Come back and take the quiz as often as you’d like to improve your score.
Special thanks to our Stable Challenge sponsors Essex Classics, FITS, Rood & Riddle and Shapley's!
USHJA Webinars Coming Up
HQC Study Hall Part II
June 30, 2 p.m.
Back by popular demand! Terri Young, chair of the Horsemanship Quiz Challenge (HQC) Committee, returns for another Study Hall.

Discover the Benefits of Equine Chiropractics
July 13, 7 p.m.
Discover the benefits of equine chiropractic care with USHJA sponsor Rood and Riddle.
Equitation: An Overview
July 27, 7 p.m.
Join top industry professionals Robin Rost Brown, Frank Madden, and Jim Hagman for an informative webinar about the significance of the Equitation division.

Member Spotlight: Peyton LaFrenz Finds a Way to Help Others During COVID-19
When COVID-19 left many quarantined at home, Peyton LaFrenz felt moved to help those in need, and what started as a small gesture turned into a volunteer organization helping dozens of people across Minnesota.

“When COVID became serious for us, I have grandparents that live out of state, and our biggest worry was ‘How are they going to shop?’ How great would it be if there was a service. I decided we could do our part and create one here.”

LaFrenz created Grocery Gatherers along with several high school friends to help the elderly community and those who are at high risk by taking grocery orders over the phone, shopping for the groceries and delivering them in a safe way.

“A lot of time you’ll call to get their grocery list and you’ll talk to them for a half an hour about your horses or the breed of your dog,” she said. “That connection has been really cool and really rewarding.”

LaFrenz has been riding for around eight years, splitting her time between Harvest Hill Farm and Dandelion Farm. She also serves as president of the Minnesota Hunter Jumper Association Junior Board. She’s participated in the Horsemanship Quiz Challenge and loves the horsemanship aspect of the sport.

“I’m not showing much this year but my goal is to move up past the low children’s," she said. "I groom at a lot of shows and help out. I find just as much joy doing that stuff as I do flying around a course.”

Read more about Peyton LaFrenz and Grocery Gatherers in an upcoming issue of USHJA In Stride. LaFrenz is pictured far right. Photo provided.
Learn More About Hoof Health
Thanks to the Horse and Rider Advocates Committee members for their work on this video. Find more educational resources, including other informational videos, on the USHJA Best Practices Page.
It's Time to Nominate Someone for USHJA Vice President or Director at Large
The member nomination period is open for USHJA Vice President and four Director at Large positions (individuals meeting the following criteria: Competition Management; Amateur competitor status; and individuals with non-equestrian business related experience).

The deadline to nominate someone is August 14. Senior Active or Senior Associate member in good standing are eligible to participate in the nomination process.
USHJA Affiliate Member Organization News
Shows may be starting back up at the local level in your area. Check with your local affiliates about show schedules and what changes they may have made as a result of COVID-19.

Here are the current Affiliates in our Zone:

To learn more about Affiliates, click here.
Sport History: Fun facts from the USHJA Wheeler Museum
Studying for the USHJA Horsemanship Quiz Stable Challenge?

Here’s a fun look at learning horse anatomy (and about your own body to be a more balanced rider) from The Horse by D. J. Kays, a 1969 college textbook for a “horse production” class on “judging, breeding, feeding, managing, and selling horses.”

Check out how horse and human bones work in movement: the hock is like a human ankle, and a horse’s knee is the counterpart of a human wrist. The tuber calcis, the short bone at the “point" of the hock, is like the human heel acting as a lever to lift the body up and forward.

Photo: Horse and human skeletons courtesy of the American Museum of Natural History in The Horse.
Know Your Zone 6 Committee Members
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Special thanks to these members who serve our zone! For more information about the committee and contact information, click here.
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