January Zone 6 Update
Thank you for being a Zone 6 member! Mark your calendar for 2019 championships, catch up on the latest sport news and see what is coming up in our zone!
From your Zone 6 committee Chair Mark Aplin:
Happy winter, I hope all of you are managing this very cold end to January well. On the zone and affiliate day at the USHJA Annual Meeting in December, there was a panel discussion that focused on communication challenges within the USHJA. This panel had a far-ranging and productive discussion to identify those challenges and share ideas for improvement.

An area in need of improvement that was identified was communication between the general membership of each zone and the zone committee. Many ideas were brought up both in the panel discussion as well as in our Zone 6 meeting that we had that day. This message in your monthly Zone 6 News and Updates is one of them. The shape of this message is not fully formed and may change as the months progress. It may be from me or from other committee members, but the goal is to have a space where you can hear directly from me your Zone 6 Committee Chair, and fellow committee members. This is only one idea that we had, but others are in the works and hopefully we can keep you apprised of them here.

To get the ball rolling, we would love to hear your questions about what we do as a committee or about subjects and ideas that you may like some conversation or answers about. These can either be questions that we can answer directly, but ideally it would be great to have some of these that can be addressed in this monthly message. If you have one of these questions or subjects you would like to be addressed here, please contact me and we will consider it for the subject of this section of your monthly newsletter. We may also use this section of the news letter to inform you about events and subjects that come up as well. If your question is not featured, I will try address it personally, or pass it to someone who may be better able to help you. Depending on the nature of the subject you may be hearing from me, another committee member, or a guest writer who can better address the subject.

The hope is that we can better understand your needs and address them. Please, contact me via email at markaplin12@gmail.com, by phone/text/whatsapp at (608) 469-1060 or by Facebook messenger. Get out and ride.

Mark Aplin
USHJA Zone 6 Committee Chair
Dates and locations announced for 2019 Zone HOTY Championships and Horsemanship Class
Dates and locations for 2019 Zone HOTY, Stirrup Cup and Equitation championships have been announced! Mark your calendar for these opportunities in Zone 6:

Zone 6 Zandra Powers Horsemanship Class
June 12-16
Mid States Encore
Mason City, Iowa

Zone 6 Horse of the Year Championship
September 11-15
Mid States Fall,
Mason City, Iowa
Note: In 2019, our HOTY Championship will use the "section format" versus the previously used "classic format" at Mid States Fall. You can read more about this in the Championship Specifications on Page 2, Section 2, and be sure to check the prize list when it is released.

Applications open for USHJA Children’s and Adult Amateur Hunter Championships! 
Applications are now open for the USHJA Children's and Adult Amateur Hunter Championships, presented by SmartPak!

The Championships for Zones 5 & 6 will be July 17-21 at Showplace Summertime III in Crete, Ill.

The qualifying period is May 20, 2018 - May 18, 2019. Click below to apply by May 18 to have your points count toward qualifying this year!
Applications open for USHJA Zone Jumper Team Championships!   
Applications are now open for the USHJA Zones 5 & 6 Jumper Team Championships!
The Championships will be held at Showplace Summertime III, Crete, IL, July 17-21, 2019 !
The qualifying period is July 23, 2018-June 2, 2019 . Click below to apply by June 2 to have your points count toward qualifying this year!
Don't miss these great opportunities!
Applications are open for the USHJA Foundation Gochman Grant for USEF Pony Finals presented by Collecting Gates Farm and the $25,000 Hamel Family Scholarship for Further Education. Read more.
Sport History: Fun facts from the USHJA Wheeler Museum!
Do you know why an “oxer” is called an “oxer”? 

The name came from the practice of putting parallel rails on either side of a hedge to keep oxen from damaging natural hedges.

In the early day of foxhunting, riders jumped these hedges and rails as they followed the hounds, and those obstacles became known as oxers.

An authentic example of an oxer is still seen at Hickstead in England. Modern-day oxers can be any kind of jump with parallel rails, but the back element can only have one rail.
A “true” oxer at Hickstead.
Photo credit: Rex Coleman
Enroll in Green Hunter Incentive and International Hunter Derby Programs for just $350
More Green for Green Hunters: More than $2.6 million paid out!
Three ways to earn great prize money for your 3', 3'3", 3'6" or 3'9" Green Hunter:
  1. Enter a USHJA Green Incentive Stake class at a competition near you
  2. Participate in one of five Regional Championships
  3. Participate in the Platinum Performance/USHJA Green Hunter Incentive Championship
Horses must be enrolled to participate and recorded with the USEF and registered with the USHJA. Enrollment fee is $350 through Feb. 1 and increases to $550 on Feb. 2. For more information visit ushja.org/greenincentive .
2019 Derby Goals: More than $12.7 million paid out!
If you have the Championships on your list of goals for this competition year, enroll today and save! Enroll in the USHJA International Hunter Derby Program to be eligible for inclusion on regional and national money won tracking lists and to participate in the 2019 Platinum Performance/USHJA International Hunter Derby Championship.
Enrollment fee is $350 through Feb. 1, and increases to $550 on Feb. 2. Horses must be recorded with the USEF and registered with the USHJA to participate. For information, visit ushja.org/IHD .  
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