March Zone 6 Update
Thank you for being a Zone 6 member! National Championships with Zone qualifying, ed ucational opportunities and more! Catch up on the latest sport news, and see what is coming up in our zone!
From your Zone 6 Committee Chair Mark Aplin:
2019: The Year of the Chip
Before I begin with this month’s subject, I would like to make sure to point out that in this News & Updates is information about possible support through the USHJA Foundation Horseman’s Assistance Fund for those of you dealing with the horrible flooding in many parts of the zone. Please, look into applying if you are eligible. 
A member recently asked: Why do we do we need to chip? Well, because your horse needed to save you from your bad decision... Then I realized she didn't mean that kind of chip.

The subject she did mean, microchipping, even caught me flat-footed at a show earlier this year. I am not going to give you some miracle cure to relieve your anxiety about the dreaded chip; save that for your therapist, priest, or self-help guru. I am going to provide you with some information and context, though.

As I am becoming an old timer (at least I look and feel like it), I have seen things happen over and over, and in the case of microchipping we may be able to curb some of the recurring issues in our sport. 

New this year, any horse has to be microchipped to show at hunter/jumper competitions (with some small exceptions). It will be one of the first things brought up to you by show management when you check in at the show office. 

I showed up at a show with a young horse and had not even thought about the microchipping rule change for this year. I was not prepared, but we got the horse chipped and were able show. However, you do not want to be dealing with that at a show. 

The purpose of microchipping is to help address the issue of a horse’s identity—preventing horses from competing in classes for which they are no longer eligible and from being sold as a 14-year-old when they are just 9 years old. I cannot tell you how many times I have run into horses in other parts of the country that were showing in the Midwest in the Green 3’6” and then two years later I’d see the exact same horse in New York or elsewhere doing Green 3’ or 3’3” under another name. You might ask where they bought the horse, and it would be from some dealer. They might even know vaguely that it came from the Midwest but say it had never done rated shows. Chipping is designed for exactly this. 

Yes, it’s $40 more that you have to pay to play, and I agree this sport is too expensive. However, this is one thing that I’m super excited about and happy to pay for. No rule is all positive, and this rule had many people opposed to it for valid reasons. It did pass though, and it is in effect now. So, before you show, chip! When you go to buy your next horse, have your vet scan the horse for a chip and get that number from them. Make sure your vet checks to see if there may be multiple chips. If you find a chip, check out what information is tied to that chip number, so you know a little more about the horse you’re buying. 

Happy Showing,

Mark Aplin
USHJA Zone 6 Committee Chair
AON/USHJA National Championships Are Set to Return
After an exceptional inaugural year, the U.S. Hunter Jumper Association is pleased that the AON/USHJA National Championships are set to return to The Las Vegas National, CSI4*-W, November 12-17, 2019, pending approval by US Equestrian. With competition offered from 2-foot Hunters to 1.40m Jumpers, horse-and-rider combinations qualify through their Affiliate or Zones, making this unique Championship a destination for competitors nationwide.
USHJA Foundation Assistance in Wake of Flooding
Our hearts go out to all those affected by the historic flooding in Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri and Wisconsin. Please know that any members who need assistance in the recovery process, can apply for aid through the USHJA Foundation Horseman’s Assistance Fund. Visit for more information and to begin the application process. Those interested in supporting this fund, which is available to all members in the event of an emergency, may donate here (select Horseman’s Assistance Fund to designate funds for emergency assistance):
Did someone say Hunter TEAMS?
Applications are now open for the USHJA Children's and Adult Amateur Hunter Championships, presented by SmartPak!

The Championships for Zones 5 & 6 will be July 17-21 at Showplace Summertime III in Crete, Ill.

The qualifying period is May 20, 2018 - May 18, 2019. Apply by May 18 to have your points count toward qualifying this year!
Support Your Zone by Becoming a Zone Chef d'Equipe! 
We are accepting applications for Zone chefs d'equipe for 2019 team championships. The exciting and rewarding role of chef d'equipe assists in the development of equestrian athletes through several zone team championships held throughout the competition year! Apply to be chef d'equipe for one or all the championships. Just get your application in by April 8, 2019!   
Zone 6 Zandra Powers Horsemanship Class: Save the Date
Don't miss the Zone 6 Zandra Powers Horsemanship Class this year at Mid States Encore, June 12-16, 2019!

Check out the class specifications for more information.
Find Your Path: Team and Individual Jumper Competition from 1.10m to 1.45m
NEW 1.40/1.45m Platinum Jumper Championships for Pros, Amateurs and Juniors
Applications are now open for the inaugural USHJA Platinum Jumper Championships. The championships offer individual and team competitions for professional, junior, and amateur riders competing at the 1.40/1.45m level. In addition to the individual and team competitions, riders can qualify for the 2020 USHJA Platinum Masters Training Session with top national and international industry experts.
USHJA Zones 5 & 6 Platinum Jumper Championships
Showplace Summertime III
July 17-21, 2019
Crete, IL
Qualifying: July 23, 2018-June 2, 2019
Apply by: June 2, 2019
1.10/1.15m, 1.20/1.25m, and 1.30/1.35m USHJA Zone Jumper Team Championships for Juniors and Amateurs
Applications are now open for the USHJA Zones 5 & 6 Jumper Team Championships!
The Championships will be held at Showplace Summertime III, Crete, IL, July 17-21, 2019 !
The qualifying period is July 23, 2018-June 2, 2019 . Apply by June 2 to have your points count toward qualifying this year!
Don't miss grant and scholarship deadlines !
Applications are open for grants and scholarships that benefit USHJA members.
The USHJA Zone 6 Committee offers two grants and scholarships:
  • $1,500 College Scholarship - Apply by July 1
  • Clinic Host Grant to offset the cost of hosting a clinic - Apply by October 1

The USHJA Foundation Hamel Family Scholarship offers up to $25,000 in higher education scholarship funds. Apply by May 15.  
Mark Your Calendar: Zone 6 Handy Hunter Challenges
The USHJA Zone 6 Hunter Committee has created this program to provide Handy Hunter Challenges, which test skills riders and their horses might use during an enjoyable day of foxhunting combining the elements of flat and over-fences classes. Click here for more info.
Apply today for the Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund/USHJA Emerging Athletes Program
Applications are now open for the Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund /USHJA Emerging Athletes Program, and we will have one available near our Zone this year!
HITS Balmoral in Crete, Illinois, will host a session with Clinician Julie Winkel and Stable Manager Colleen Reed, July 8-12.

Be sure to check the full list of locations, as some are offering 3-foot sections that are open to ALL ages!
Julie Winkel Clinic Coming to Minnesota!
Arbor Hill Farm, Inc., in Hugo, Minnesota, will host a clinic with Julie Winkel April 6-7, 2019! You won't want to miss this exciting opportunity!

The clinic has now become a benefit for the Urban Family's Quail Run Horse Centre and Urban Equine Events. Julie will be donating a portion of her day fee, and Arbor Hill will be donating a portion of the clinic proceeds from participation as well as auditing. They will also be taking donations at the door to send directly to the Urbans.

For more information, contact Elizabeth, (612) 282-5530.
Are you up for the challenge? Over $22,000 in grants and prizes!
The USHJA Horsemanship Quiz Challenge awards over $6,000 in grants and prizes with another $16,000 in prizes available through the 30-day HQC Stable Challenge! Don't miss your chance to put your horsemanship knowledge to the test!
The HQC is an online quiz that tests participants' knowledge about horse anatomy, horse care and health, riding theory, stable management, and more horsemanship topics. Open to USHJA members (at any paid membership level) 21 and younger as of Dec. 1, 2018, the quiz offers participants a chance to qualify for the in-person HQC Nationals.
The program is free and runs from February 1 to September 1. 
QUICK QUIZ: Try Your Horsemanship Knowledge
Select the false statement. Proper hoof conformation is:
Large and strong hoof
Wide, well-developed heels
Prominent bars
Small frog that does not touch the ground
Concave or arched sole
Walls absent of cracks and rings
Our Affiliate, Your Stories. We want to hear from you!
We are proud to have the Iowa Nebraska Hunter Jumper Association as an Affiliate in our Zone.

If you're a member of of INHJA, we want to hear your story! Tell us what you love about this sport.
Heads Up: Zone Specifications Comment Period Opening April 15
We will be publish the 2020 Zone Specifications and open the member comment period on April 15 for 30 days. This is a time for all members to weigh in on how certain sections are run in our area, and the USHJA Zone Committee looks forward to receiving input from members. Members will be able to submit their comments to from April 15-May 15.
Be on the lookout for the 2020 Zone Specifications, so you can submit comments.
Other important headlines
Upcoming Dates and Deadlines
  • April 1 - Deadline to apply for an EAP Zone Grant
  • April 6-7 - Julie Winkel Clinic at Arbor Hill Farm (Hugo, MN)
  • April 8 - Chef d'Equipe applications for Jumper and Hunter team championships due
  • April 15 - Deadline to apply for an Early Summer Regional Training Session for the Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund/USHJA Emerging Athletes Program
  • April 15 - 2020 Zone Specifications become available for member comment

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