May Zone 6 Update
Thank you for being a Zone 6 member! This month see what events and deadlines are coming up in our zone, learn about WCHR, apply for the Zone 6 College Scholarship and more! Don't forget to share your stories with us!
Last chance to apply for these championships!
Children's and Adult Amateur Hunter Championships, presented by SmartPak
July 18-22
Showplace Summertime III
Crete, Illinois
USHJA Zones 5 & 6 Jumper Team Championships
July 18-22
Showplace Summertime III
Crete, Illinois
Strive for excellence as a World Championship Hunter Rider!
World Championship Hunter Rider member events are underway this year!

There's still time to join and earn points toward year-end awards for Professionals, Developing Professionals, Amateur Owners, Adult Amateurs, Juniors, Children's and Pony riders.

Also, if you're already a member, don't forget to make any changes to your region or category by June 1!
Put a Zone 6 Handy Hunter Challenge on Your Calendar!
The Zone 6 Committee created this program to bring members an opportunity to experience the excitement of Hunter Derbies and Hunter Classics! Here are Handy Hunter Challenges coming up:

  • May 17-20: MHJA Horse Show, Hugo, Minn.
  • May 31-June 3: UEE Goodtime Days, Elkhorn, Neb.
  • June 6-10: Mid States Spring, Mason City, Iowa
  • July 25-29: Valley Park Horse Show, Des Moines, Iowa

Click here for the full calendar and specifications.
Click here for more information about the Championships!
HQC Quick Quiz answer:
The answer to last month's Horsemanship Quiz Challenge Quick Quiz was " camped out," because it is not a flaw that can be found on a horse's front legs. Eighty percent of our members who answered the question got it correct!

Camped out is when the hind legs are set behind the plumb line that runs from the point of the buttock through the point of the hock, down the back of the cannon bone and to the back of the heel bulbs. The other choices, pigeon toed and club footed, were flaws that can be found on a horse's front legs.

Learn more by studying the HQC Study Guide, and when you're ready, register to participate in the 2018 Horsemanship Quiz Challenge, presented by The Plaid Horse!
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