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Tell Us Before Your Travels
Now that the world is opening back up, many people are booking much-needed vacations. When traveling outside your local area or to other countries, we recommend you notify us before your trip.

Debit and credit card activity is monitored 24-hours a day and irregular or suspicious charges outside your local area may be declined for your security.

Notifying us to help prevent unnecessary blocks on your debit or credit card. To update us on your plans, please call us at 313-389-2300 with the dates and locations of your vacation. 

We wish you safe and happy travels! 
Keep Your Account from Going Dormant
Setting aside money for a rainy day is important. Not only will your untouched savings be there when you need it most, it will also continue to grow by earning dividends. But, if you forget about your savings for too long, your account may become dormant. A dormant account is one that has not had any activity in over twelve months.

Every year, we are required by law to escheat dormant account funds to the state of Michigan. To keep you from having to jump through the hoops of filing for unclaimed funds, be sure to keep your account up to date with us, including:
  • Making sure we have a copy of your current ID on file
  • Notifying us when your address changes
  • Letting us know when your home or cell phone number changes
  • Perform at least one transaction per year

To avoid dormancy, we suggest doing a financial transaction at least once a year. Haven’t had any activity on your account in a while? Act now, to ensure your account remains inactive standing.
Upcoming Holiday Closures
Lincoln Park Community Credit Union will be CLOSED on the following holidays:

  • Monday, May 30 - Memorial Day
  • Monday, July 5 in observance of Independence Day
  • Monday, September 6 - Labor Day

You can access your accounts 24/7 with our convenient online and mobile banking services.
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