Cybersecurity: The Age of the Megabreach

Exceptionally harmful hacks have recently struck organizations in the global insurance, finance, telecom, entertainment industries and in the heart of a U.S. federal agency - inflicting hundreds of millions of dollars in damage and added costs . All this shows that many of today's technologies are not adequate, that attacks can now be more aggressive than ever, and that once breaches occur, they are made worse by slow responses. Since companies and other organizations can't stop attacks and are often reliant on fundamentally insecure networks and technologies, the big question for this report is 
  • How can companies effectively respond to attacks and limit the damage and adopt smarter defensive strategies in the future? 
  • What can companies do to protect themselves?
  • Should back doors be added to encrypted data to prevent criminals from "going dark"?
  • Why are we so vulnerable and how can we be resilient?

Announcement Of Merger of our firm 
24By7Security with HIPAA Solutions

Since 2013, HIPAA-HITECH-SOLUTIONS, Inc. has focused its expertise on  HIPAA privacy and security risk management  for the healthcare industry, but in an effort to extend services to customers in multiple industries and geographies, the company has officially merged with 24By7Security, Inc., a well-known  Cybersecurity service provider in South Florida .



Feb 26, 2016   
8:00 am-  7:00 pm

Florida International University - Kovens Center 3000 N.E. 151st Street, Miami, Florida 33181 USA 


Mar 12 - 13, 2016

University of Central Florida
College of Business Administration
12744 Pegasus Dr.
Orlando, FL 32816


24By7Security, Inc. is a full service Cybersecurity strategy, implementation, operations and training firm. Our leadership consists of Cybersecurity experts with hands-on experience and have served in various capacities such as Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), and active-duty top-security roles. We provide Cybersecurity-related services in the areas of Strategy, Internal Audit Support, Assessments, Remediation and Training. We believe that Cybersecurity needs to be priority ONE across all functions (IT, Finance and Accounting, Operations, HR, Sales and Marketing) of the enterprise, thus avoiding unnecessary risk to businesses and preventing the next generation of threats that could undermine the stability of companies.

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