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March 25, 2019
The annual SIMLS invoices were sent out last week and are due April 1. Did you know you now have the option to pay your annual MLS fee on a monthly payment plan! Check your e-mail for more information (and if you did not get it we will be sending another e-mail with all the details soon).

Have You Checked out Remine?  The Newest Tool From SIMLS is Available on Your MLS Dashboard.

We are
 excited to bring you this new service. It is a powerful and intuitive platform that reveals the data you need to market smarter and help achieve your goal of becoming a top producing agent who is more connected than the competition.

It makes engaging with your clients easy. You can invite them to the platform with incredible amounts of data and start winning more business today. 

Remine also creates opportunity. By connecting people and property, you can become the neighborhood expert.
The next time you log into the SIMLS, look for the Remine logo: 


Saturday & Sunday
April 6 - April 7
April 10
5:00PM - 7:00PM
April 11 at SIBOR Office
   10:00AM - 11:30AM
NAR's Home Survey
In the first quarter of 2019, 65 percent of people believe that now is a good time to buy a home, which is a slight increase over the previous quarter. Thirty-seven percent believe that strongly, and 28 percent believe that moderately. Only 35 percent of people believe that now is not a good time to buy a home. Sixty-nine percent of people believe that now is a good time to sell a home, which is the lowest recorded since Q4 2017. Those that feel that strongly have declined in the last year. Thirty-one percent believe that now is not a good time to sell a home

Be Sure to Upload Your OPEN HOUSE Information  on FlexMLS
When Representing More Than One Client-Buyer Bidding on the Same Property
In today's market, it is not unusual for more than one buyer client of a brokerage firm to submit an offer on the same parcel of real estate. It is no longer an issue of whether this fact pattern will occur, it is a question of when it will occur. The Rivkin case, decided several years ago, addressed the issue of buyer agency representation of multiple clients bidding on the same property and best practices on being fully transparent. Unfortunately many in the real estate community have short memories so a primer on this topic is necessary.

American Refugees: How Climate Change Might Force US Immigration North and Where They Could Go

Climate change is sometimes pouring down or boiling above. But it's not always obvious. And for a segment of the population throughout the United States, climate change could be the culprit that displaces them, creating a new wave of American refugees. Rising sea levels and temperatures are already uprooting residents and leading some experts to question if we'll see a mass migration north.
Look for Realtor Joe Tirone addressing Superstorm Sandy and Staten Island.
REALTOR Safety Network

To notify law enforcement of a live emergency, please contact 9-1-1.
The National Association of REALTORS® is committed to the safety of our members. Through the REALTOR® Safety Network, NAR will deploy REALTOR® Safety Alerts via social media when a physical or cyberthreat to REALTORS® warrants national attention. For example:
A pattern of assaults against REALTORS® has been reported.

Majority of Real Estate Firms Remain Optimistic

The evolving technological landscape, competition from nontraditional market participants and housing affordability continue to be among the biggest challenges facing real estate firms in the next two years, according to a report by the National Association of Realtors®.
NAR's 2019 Profile of Real Estate Firms found that commercial real estate firms were more likely than residential firms to cite local or regional economic conditions as the biggest challenges, while residential firms were more likely to mention competition from non-traditional market participants and virtual firms.  

These 6 Real Estate Specialties Are The Most Profitable

How much do real estate agents make?
Real Estate Express surveyed agents across the country and found that, a lot of the time, the answer to that question depends on the agent's specialty. According to the nationwide survey, there can be a significant difference in average earnings depending on what real estate agents specialize in. Here are the most profitable real estate specialties, according to the research:
Green or Eco-Friendly Properties - $78,672
Agents who specialize in eco-friendly buildings work in the fifth-most profitable niche in real estate. 

Mortgage Applications Set a Record

Lower rates are not giving mortgage demand any sizable boost, except when it comes to higher-end homes.
Total mortgage application volume rose 1.6 percent last week from the previous week, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association's seasonally adjusted index. Volume was 1.8 percent higher than a year ago.
The gains came mostly from refinance volume, which is highly rate-sensitive.

Real Estate Video is Vital in 2019

Whether it's social media gurus or real estate trainers, they're all saying the same thing: Video is vital for your success in selling your clients' homes. In my opinion, if you're not using video for your clients' ad campaigns, you are doing them a disservice.
Video accounted for 75 percent of all online traffic globally in 2017 and is predicted to reach 82 percent by 2022, according to Cisco Systems, an IT, networking, and cybersecurity company.

The US Dollar as a Global Dominant Currency
When it comes to international transactions, the US Dollar is one of the most used currencies and one of the world's primary reserves. It may surprise people that the US dollar was adopted by many countries as the official currency or even unofficially, as an additional currency to their local currency.
The globalization of the US Dollar followed World War II when the Bretton Woods system was initiated. This system was a policy to fix the rate of exchange for all foreign currencies, and to which all the world's most developed countries had participated. The Bretton Woods agreement referred to an international monetary system, combining a full set of rules, institutions, and procedures. 

Britain's Brexit Mess Could Hit the US Housing Market
Britain may be across the "pond" from America, but the growing chaos around Brexit, Britain's planned departure from the European Union, is expected to have global ramifications-and the U.S. real estate market won't be immune from them.
On Wednesday, Britain's Parliament voted not to leave the EU without a deal in place that would smooth the country's March 29 departure. It comes just a day after British lawmakers shot down Prime Minister Theresa May's exit plan.

The Word's Most Expensive Cities

Singapore is getting some competition in a new ranking of the world's priciest cities.
The Asian city is tied with Paris and Hong Kong, Bloomberg reported, citing the Economist Intelligence Unit's Worldwide Cost of Living Survey. Singapore topped the list for five years.
Zurich and Geneva came in third and fourth place, the report said. New York and Los Angeles - which previously fell to 13th and 14th place, respectively - made it back into the top 10.

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