The  Academy of Culture Ambassadors  is honored to have sponsored this masterpiece and now to make it available to our friends for free.  The 83 page document with 13 chapters is a gift from the Academy. It is such a wonderful and meaningful piece that you will want to revisit often.  

The author Graham Williams will be one of our 23 exceptional speakers at the  WISDOM FOR MODERN WORKPLACES © conference, October 3-4, 2017, Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is also giving his one day workshop the day before on October 2.  After you read this publication you will want to meet him in person at his workshop.

Graham is Teaching this One Day Workshop.

The Stuff Never Talked About
October 2, 2017  Santa Fe, New Mexico
Graham is giving this one day workshop on October 2, the day before the conference.  This may be the only chance you will have for this extra ordinary experience to meet and spend a day with him.  It is just $195!
From Cape Town, Graham Williams is an executive master coach , management consultant, organization development practitioner, thought provoker, facilitator, speaker and author. He has worked in over 40 countries. His purpose is to bring healing and wholeness to organizations.

Graham uses narrative, anecdote and metaphor as critical contributors to successful business interventions. He views story as an Ubuntu process, and emphasizes the various ways in which we can apply story listening.
  • Walking Backwards: Practicing Ancient Wisdom
    in Modern Workplaces
  • Has the Purpose-Economy Arrived?
  • Enter Spirituality
  • Always Improving
  • Story Power
  • Diversity : Harnessing a Rich Mix
  • Sustainability from the Inside Out
  • The Secret of Superior Service
  • Non-Dualism (And)
  • Unleashing the Power of Compassion in Organisations
  • Resilience: Building Bounce Backability
  • Opening Our Hearts to Happiness
  • Social Intelligence
  • An Elephant in the Office: The Business Case for
    Communities of Love in Our Workplaces
  • Bibliography
  • Other Books by Graham Williams
  • About the Author
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At this conference, you are not forced to make choices of which tracks to attend. You participate in all presentations. Speakers don’t fly in and leave right away. They are with you and all speakers and participants as friends for both days. 

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