Your clients are mobile. Is your broker-dealer? 

At CFS and SPF, we specialize in building investment programs inside financial institutions and have had a commitment to technology innovation from inception. As client mobility increases and traditional branch visits decrease, we have expanded our suite of remote delivery tools to make it easier for advisors to work with clients conveniently and efficiently through mobile and online channels. We have an award-winning mobile app that does this, read below for more.

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Connie L. Gregory
SVP, Business Development
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Tomorrow's Technology, Today

We live in an increasingly mobile world. People are used to being able to do just about any transaction through their 
mobile devices. 

Mobile investment portfolio management is the next step in the evolution of online banking. 

That's why we're excited to launch our newest mobile app: MyPortfolioView (MPV), which provides clients an easy and secure way to manage their investment portfolios remotely

MPV complements the online version of MyPortfolioView that we have long offered, which enables institutions to integrate investment program information into their existing websites. With the MPV mobile capability, investment clients can now access full information securely through a mobile device. 

Banks and credit unions can use their own  branding, logo and color scheme when offering MPV mobile to customers. 

It's also award-winning! MyPortfolioView Mobile just won a Technology Innovation Award from the Bank Insurance & Securities Association (BISA). We're so honored by this recognition! 

If your broker-dealer isn't providing you the mobile, online, and remote delivery tools you need to keep up with mobile clients, please give us a call. Let us show you "the power in the palm of your hand!"

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In the News
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Happy Client Testimonial
"...This mobile app is more visually appealing and intuitive to operate
than anything I've
seen before."

~Bill Bouma,
CFS investment representative at Consumers Credit Union
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