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As we celebrated our Independence Day yesterday, we remember the freedoms we have are due to the good people of our nation including veterans and current members of our armed forces who keep us safe and protected and defend our way of life. 

Through their unwavering commitment, they tirelessly safeguard our safety, protect our cherished way of life, and defend the principles our nation holds dear. Their sacrifices, seen and unseen, resonate deeply, reminding us of the gratitude we owe to these brave men and women.


Join me at the APEX Leadership Institute's Summit on August 18 in Billings, MT, where I will share strategies to unlock veterans' potential in the civilian workforce. In my session, "Let's Get Veteran READY," I'll highlight the importance of creating a supportive environment for veterans during their transition.

We'll explore diverse transition paths, showcase successful examples, and discuss the benefits of Veteran READY programs. I invite employers to partner with Max Fab Consulting to implement these strategies and create an inclusive workplace. Get Veteran READY today.

Mark your calendars for August 18 and register before July 31 so you can take the Prosperity Trait Index and get your results in time.


Why the cows are laying down

In our fast-paced lives, we often overlook the subtle signs that indicate pending problems. However, we can learn much from animals when it comes to paying attention to pending problems; their tendencies, habits, and reactions, and using these signs to predict future events. Read more to learn how to interpret these subtleties.

Building a Solid Foundation: Three Rules for Success, Health, & Balance in Your Life's Journey

Are you feeling overwhelmed, tired, or perhaps even burnt out? It's all too common to forget how important it is to maintain balance in our work and personal lives. Everyone needs an effective health plan that brings back balance, but this can feel overwhelming if we don't know where to start. Read more to learn the three rules that have kept me balanced.


Vertical Momentum Resiliency Podcast: From the Battlefield to the Boardroom

I was honored to be a guest on the Vertical Momentum Resiliency Podcast, hosted by my dear friend Richard Kaufman, a fellow Veteran who has come back from drug addiction, alcoholism, homelessness, PTSD, and blindness. He is now a public speaker, a #1 Amazon Author, and a Top-Rated Podcaster.

We talk about getting businesses Veteran READY and include valuable life stories and lessons in between. Tune in now!

Kangaroo Leader Podcast: From Mass Murder to Global Pandemic

Listen to the first episode of my new podcast Kangaroo Leadership, “From Mass Murder to Global Pandemic,” with former CEO and President of Riverstone Health and Yellowstone County Health Officer, John Felton. We talk about his experiences throughout his career in public health and in leadership and share pearls of wisdom we’ve collected along the way. Listen on Spotify, iHeart Radio, or on YouTube.

Nothing But Nursing Podcast: Let's Talk Military Nursing

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a nurse in the military? I was honored to be a guest on the Nothing But Nursing podcast where I share my experience as an ER nurse in the fast-paced world of military nursing, providing valuable insights into the challenges and rewards it entails. I also discuss the various roles and responsibilities that military nurses undertake and gaining a deeper understanding of how they contribute to the well-being of service members and their families. Listen on Spotify.



I challenge you to read my new book and schedule a time to connect with me through my Calendly or send me an email. I am always here for you!

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