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Annual Meeting Update

Our Annual Meeting was held on Monday, May 20, 2019 at Arlington Central Library. We started the meeting with socializing and light refreshments and then got down to business. After brief remarks by President Art Gosling, Treasurer John Morton gave an update on our finances.

Then Ed Rader, Chair of our Nominating Committee, announced the candidates and we elected our board by a vote of a quorum of the membership. Thanks to the Nominating Committee for their hard work.

Your Board of Directors for 2019-20 are as follows:

President - Arthur Gosling
Vice President - Thomas C. Adams
Vice President - David Rhoad
Treasurer - Kevin Connors
Secretary - Joan Carter
Academic Programs Chair - Barbara Spangler
Class Aides Co-Chair - Jere Cummins
Class Aides Co-Chair - Eileen Janas
Community Advisory Council Chair - Christine Milliken
Information Technology Co-Chair - Stephen Spangler
Information Technology Co-Chair - Martin Suydam
Membership Co-Chair - Carol Cochran
Membership Co-Chair - Kathy LaPier
Publications Co-Chair - Mildred Lawson
Publications Co-Chair - Jill Neuville
Special Events Chair - Kris McLaughlin
Volunteers Chair - Steven Shapiro

Current board and former Board members from left to right: Eileen Janas, Steve Shapiro, Marty Suydam, Chris Milliken, Jere Cummins, Kathy LaPier, Barbara Spangler, John Morton, Kevin Connors, John Sprott, Marjorie Varner, Joan Carter, David Rhoad, Millie Lawson, Art Gosling and Carol Cochran. Not Pictured: Tom Adams, Kris McLaughlin, Jill Neuville, and Steve Spangler.

Art gave a brief update on the organization, and then we saluted Marjorie Varner for her 15 years of service.

First, former President John Sprott spoke. John said, " Marjorie is seen within this community not just as the Executive Director but as a community asset, especially to all of our affiliates:  GMU, Arlington County and Arlington Public Schools, Marymount."

Then Art spoke. Art touched on Marjorie's passion for excellence, her ability to connect and form relationships that benefited the organization, her leadership in moving us into the age of technology and the way she has always put Encore Learning first in everything she has done. Art said, " If there is even a chance Marjorie can talk to someone to promote Encore Learning, she takes it!" Art presented Marjorie with a few farewell gifts from Encore Learning.

Finally, Marjorie addressed the crowd, thanking her staff, the board, and the membership for their support and guidance over the years. She closed by saying, "It's been a privilege to work for a nonprofit for 15 years - not everyone has that luxury. I'm enamored of Encore Learning's mission and wish it every success." 

The entire Encore Learning family sends Marjorie off with a fond farewell and best wishes for every success in her future endeavors. And we enjoyed some delicious cake!

News and Photos

We held our first annual Clubs Open House on May 8. All the clubs were well represented by our enthusiastic volunteer Club Coordinators and club members. Thanks to all who staffed tables, answered questions, and brought coffee and snacks! If you'd like to join a club, please email the office at

On May 1, our members enjoyed a walking tour of the history of Jazz in Washington, DC. Thanks to member Louise Kenny for the photo and for coordinating the tour.

Mason's Schar School of Policy and Government Alumni Dinner:  Encore Learning members were given a special invitation to attend this event. There was a great program on America's Allies featuring Mason and Encore Learning instructor Rich Kauzlaurich .

From left to right: Gordon and Joanne Jones, Jean LeMasurier, Mary and Tom McCabe. Not pictured: Barbara Spangler and Marjorie Varner.

More fun photos from the event can be found here: 

Founders Hall is now Van Metre Hall.  On May 13, 2019 there was a dedication ceremony for the newly renamed Van Metre Hall at Mason's Arlington Campus. 

Left to right: Former Arlington Campus Director Ron Carmichael,
Marjorie Varner, Dean of School of Business Maury Peiperl

Staff Corner

Beginning on May 28, we switch to summer office hours and will staff the office on Tuesdays  from 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. through Labor Day. Details are listed on our calendar . Please contact us ahead of time if you require a face to face meeting.  To reach us, call 703-228-2144 or send an email to

-- Marjorie Varner, Executive Director

Connecting Friends with Encore Learning

We're often referred to as the "best kept secret in Arlington." New members join mostly because they hear about Encore Learning from a friend.  When joining online, new members may enter a "Referred by" name. We look forward to thanking you here in the newsletter - see below.

Bring friends to our  "Encore Learning Presents" series at Arlington Central Library. These lectures and films are open to the public and a great way for prospective members to learn more about us. Details can always be found in our list of upcoming  Special Events.

Share on social media. When you simply like our Facebook page or share our Facebook posts and events to your social network, it's a huge help.

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  • Volunteers are always needed. If you'd like to get more involved, please email us.
  • Check our calendar for Special Events, Club meetings, and office holiday closures.
  • Our Nonfiction Book Club selection for May was The Last Palace by Norman Eisen.
Welcome New Members

In April  2019, the following new members joined Encore Learning. Please be sure to give these folks a warm welcome.

Linda Beers
Paul Cooper
Victoria Cooper
Sara-Ann Determan
Fred Glave
Janet Irwin
Mary Navarro
Virginia Sorkin

And Thank You to the following organization for the referral:

State Department

Please email the office with any corrections.

Photos, Photos, Photos...

We all love looking at them and it seems we can never get enough here in the office. Please share your photos of Encore Learning activities with us. The higher the resolution of the photo, the better (1 MB or higher). Shots taken on your mobile phone are great! Just email them to us and if we use your photos, we will make sure to acknowledge you as the photographer. We can't use thumbnails, though, so please check your photo size settings prior to emailing.

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Donations are Always Welcome

Encore Learning is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Any donation is a charitable contribution deductible from income tax to the full extent permitted by law. Members, friends and organizations wishing to support Encore Learning may direct contributions to our  General Fund  or to our  Arlington Youth Scholarship .

Review of Encore Financial Policies and Procedures

Bernard M. Gordon, a certified Public Accountant and Consultant, was engaged to review our existing financial policies and procedures. Mr. Gordon found that the process for preparing Encore Learning's annual budget is sound. He made some recommendations to strengthen the budget process and other financial controls, as well as how to manage some compliance details. Mr. Gordon submitted a written report of his findings in February and discussed his recommendations with the Executive Committee of the Board in March. We are taking steps to implement most of Mr. Gordon's recommendations.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of  The Inside Scoop . If you would like to submit an article or share some photos of members participating in Encore Learning activities, please email Beth Dowd: .
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