Become a Veteran Champion.
Expand faith community support for military, Veterans and their families.
The civilian faith community is particularly well-suited to support military, Veterans and their families .

September 12, 2019
Delaware Community Center YMCA
1121 S. Houk Rd, Delware, Ohio 43015

This FREE Military Ministry training informs faith community leaders about:
  • Prevalence of needs & distinctions of military culture
  • Inner-spirituality struggles Veterans may face
  • Military ministry examples & key resources
  • Best practices for empowering volunteer lay leaders
IDEAL participants include:
  • Veterans, military spouses or other volunteers who love our military
  • Clergy

We encourage volunteers and clergy from the same organization
to attend together.
Of the 2.6 million Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans, 1/2 will need some sort of support. For instance:
  • 40% have difficulty finding meaning, purpose or getting in touch with spirituality
  • 55% feel disconnected from civilian life
  • 1/2 - 1/4 are frustrated with social functioning, productivity and community involvement.                                
Vietnam and Gulf war Veterans also welcome and appreciate connections with and support of the faith community. 
Hire Veterans to strengthen your workforce .
Military Service Strengthens These Soft Skills
  • Adapting to challenges
  • Leadership and management
  • Cross-cultural teamwork
  • Work ethic and discipline
  • Professionalism 
 68% of employers say Veterans perform "better than," if not "much better than" than their civilian counterparts. - SHRM Foundation
T estimonies from the July 30, 2019

" Veteran-Ready" Employer Introduction
Mark Osborn, Kokosing
Because of this training, I will engage our current Veteran associates to help us become "Veteran-Ready" and attract other Veterans.

Megan Laughlin, Toyota Material Handling
I will start looking into visiting military bases and attending other local events to better connect with Veterans.
Sarah Gillman, Buckeye Power Sales
We need to be more proactive in finding Veteran talent and do more for our current Veteran associates.

Josh Fletcher, Crown Lift Trucks
The best parts of the course were the Veteran-specific interview questions, how to review military resumes and all the resources.
Veteran Champion
Transitioned Veteran

When struggling through his own post-military transition, A-Jay realized that...

The Army gave him all the tools he needed to succeed. That is, the idea that no one person or thing is above completing the mission.

In the Army, it doesn’t matter how the problem was created, whose fault it was, or if you even like the person standing next you. The only thing that matters is that you have a job to do and everyone is depending on you to do your part.

This mindset helped me to stay focused on the end result and deal with whatever circumstances, fair or unfair, that were thrown my way.

A-Jay Orr, simpleplanIT

A-Jay runs a cybersecurity firm, helping businesses mitigate the risk of security incidents from becoming data breaches.
Join the Veteran Champion Movement.
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