We'd like to take a moment to say thank you . In less than three weeks, our community has donated over $65,000 towards Side by Side’s Relief Fund. 

Due to your kindness and generosity, not only have we been able to retain all of our staff and sustain our client services in all programs, Side by Side has been able to provide 25 youth with computers, tablets, or internet hot spots with cell service. This technology is critical now during shelter-in-place restrictions, but will also provide a lasting resource for our young people after the pandemic is behind us.

In addition to purchasing the computers, tablets, and wifi access, so far:
  • Over $4,800 worth of gift cards to local grocery stores will help deal with food insecurity,
  • $500 is going toward rental assistance for marginally housed clients,
  • $250 will help pay cell phone bills for clients or families who have lost their jobs,
  • $250 is going to families who need gas to travel to their essential jobs, and
  • Additional funds will purchase Clipper cards for other clients.

We recently became aware of one family who had lost their housing and was living in a hotel – gift cards for groceries was a huge source of relief for the parents and their kids, as we work to get their housing stabilized. Another client was struggling to stay connected during his YouThrive virtual group because his wifi access was so poor – an internet hot spot solved that problem.

But, even as we’ve been able to meet some clients’ urgent needs, Side by Side’s kids and their families are still challenged. Home life continues to be a source of significant stress for some youth. Boredom leads to increased instances of acting out. Supervising remote learning is hard for all parents, but it’s made even harder when parents don’t speak or read English.

For all that you have done already -- THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!!
How You Can Continue To Help