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Children and Screens: Institute of Digital Media and Child Development is the leading interdisciplinary group of scientists and clinicians for collaborative research on the cognitive, psychological, and physical impacts of digital media on children of all ages.
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As 2019 comes to a close, Children and Screens is proud to have played a vital role on the frontiers of research about digital media’s impact on child development. Here are a few highlights of the Institute's programs this year:
  • Pediatricians and child mental health providers currently lack screening tools to identify and assess media-related health outcomes in children and adolescents. Children and Screens workgroups of distinguished clinicians and researchers are conducting a three-fold study to design, develop, and distribute a suite of instruments that will be used in research and clinical settings to help inform diagnosis and decision-making. 
  • For the third year running, Children and Screens has been inundated with requests from parent groups, educators, researchers, clinical organizations and mental health providers to present the latest research and advice. We answered that need with workshops, public panels, and scientific symposia. 
  • When ABC News requested input for an upcoming Diane Sawyer three-part special, "Screen Time", Children and Screens jumped into action, supplying them with eighty questions,  recommendations, and experts. Children and Screens is keeping digital media’s impact on child health at the forefront of the public consciousness about the latest scientific research.
  • When the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) released its four-year strategic plan, Children and Screens petitioned the NICHD to include a focus on digital media effects research. More than 240 leading experts signed the petition supporting this endeavor. Also, Children and Screens continued to support the CAMRA Act for federal funding dedicated to children and media research. 
Children and Screens: Institute of Digital Media and Child Development is one of the world's preeminent research centers for advancing the latest evidence-based scientific research regarding digital media use and educating the public with information and advice. 
We are excited for 2020 when we will host a number of research retreats, public panels, and workshops to address some of the most pressing questions in the field:

  • What is the relationship between youth technology behaviors, neurobiological brain changes, and the development of cognitive capabilities? A Digital Media and the Developing Brain Retreat will outline the state of the science on digital media’s neurocognitive effects on youth and determine a future research agenda. 
  • What is the role of digital media in the rise of anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicide? A Mental Health Retreat will provide a forum for interdisciplinary experts to analyze current findings on the role of social media habits in the lives of young people, and will identify new research directions to bring clarity to these issues.
  • As AI and immersive technologies quickly encroach, how will these emerging technologies affect our everyday lives in the near future? An Emerging Technologies Retreat will address key research questions about emerging technology's potential harms and benefits, especially regarding children and families. 
  • Why are American students not progressing in reading and math as reflected by recent standardized test scores (Program for International Student Assessment as well as the Nation’s Report Card - reading)? An upcoming Educational Technologies workshop with the National Academies of Sciences and Medicine (NASEM) will identify key issues in the research and inform the development of a possible subsequent NASEM consensus study to provide clear and actionable recommendations for schools, teachers, parents, and policymakers. 
Individual donations allow us to make an important difference in scientific research, communication and advocacy; and, Children and Screens programs help us pave the way for a better future for children and families. Please consider helping ensure that we can continue our important work by making your tax-deductible donation before the end of 2019. 

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Happy Holidays!

Pam and the Children and Screens Team: Lauren, Madeleine, Helena, Rae, Stephan, Ellen, Helen, Beatrice, Jiayue, Julia, Aunna, Dorothy, and Drashti, and our renowned Board of Advisors: Samuel Aronson, Dimitri Christakis, Charles Czeisler, Tracy Day, Elizabeth Englander, Lauren Hale, Carrie James, Colleen Kraft, Barnaby Marsh, Larry Rosen, Ellen Wartella, and Paul Weigle

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