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Together, YOU and ASI are their voice!

ASI’s newest resource is a 16-week group program called BARK (Behavior, Accountability, Responsibility, and Knowledge) for animal maltreatment offenders.

But is it effective?

Feedback from participants suggests the program is changing both hearts and minds , providing offenders with new skills and insights that will improve their interaction with animals.

“I learned to be more in tune and aware of being empathetic to animals. Together, we are their voice! said one participant.

ASI programs like this provide early intervention, reduce cruelty to animals and
humans, and reduce recidivism. They do this by:
  • increasing accountability
  • increasing knowledge of animal care and well-being
  • changing attitudes and beliefs that lead to animal abuse
  • improving self-management and interpersonal skills

Thanks to your continued support, our programs are effective!
But, we need your help to continue this critical work. Your tax-deductible donation will help ASI improve and expand knowledge about human-animal relationships to create safer and more compassionate communities for all animals. A generous year-end gift also may help your 2018 tax obligation.

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Animals benefit when you make our programs a success!

With heartfelt thanks and wishing you a safe and happy holiday season!
John Thompson
Chair, ASI Board of Directors

P.S. – Your year-end contribution will help animals in another vital way. ASI is working with animal shelters to help them identify and deal with the root causes of animal abuse. This work extends into the highly volatile arena of domestic violence against humans because animal abuse and domestic abuse are intertwined . Reducing suffering at this level is an important step toward protecting the animals we all care about.