We wish you and your family a healthy, safe, and enjoyable Christmas season surrounded by love and peace. 
From your team working in Guatemala...
Lois & Ken Werner

Please support our vital work in rural Guatemala. 
Your donation will save lives.
           Our Critical Care fund has been stretched this year as more patients are requiring lab tests, x-rays, medicine, surgeries, cancer treatments and emergency transportation to hospitals. 

      Patients who come to our health clinics are some of the poorest people in the world. They do not have money for food, transporation, medicine, tests, or treatments.  Children and adults suffer from malnutrician. Adults and children die of treatable diseases.  
     We provide a doctor's consult, vitamins and needed medicine.  Thirty to 40 patients are treated every clinic day. Please help us continue this vital, life-saving work.  
Veronica, age 7, has cerebral palsey and requires anti-seizure medicine, physical therapy and nutritional supplements.

Martita, age 27, needed surgery to remove her left eye.  Our critical care fund helped pay for surgery, medicine, and transportation.

Catalina after cataract surgery. One week later she said "I can see my daughter and I can cook again."

Maria, age 17, 3 weeks after a mastectomy.  Our critical care fund paid for surgery, medicine, transportion and food. Friends in the U.S. donated a prosthesis for her.


$10 treats a patient
$50 helps buy medicine for a health clinic
$500 pays for a rural health clinic
$40 pays for cataract surgery
 $20 pay for urgent transportation to the hospital
$75 pays for medicine during a hospital stay
$100 pays for lab tests and x-rays
$150 pays for 2 radiation treatments (it's true!)

     Imagine cooking every meal over an open fire, breathing toxic smoke and worrying about your children getting burned. 

     That's reality in rural Guatemala. Hundreds of women suffer from pulmonary disease, eye problems and head aches caused by indoor smoke. Children suffer life-threatening burns from the open fires.

     A Chapina stove vents smoke outside the kitchen, uses 70% less wood than open fire cook stoves thus improves the environment, and tortillas and pots can be cooked on the same surface. 

      Improve the health of an entire family. Give a stove in memory or in honor of a friend or loved one.  It's only $135.

Patricia standing next to her open fire cook stove inhaling deadly smoke.

Mom and son standing next to their Chapina stove. 
They are healthy in their smoke-free kitchen, walls are clean and baby is safe.

                                                     Maria Crisol 

Any amount will help save lives.

Contact us at peopleforguatemala@gmail.com

Learn more about our work at peopleforguatemala.org

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