Only a few short days remain until the premiere of Celebrate Reynolda! The outpouring of support for this project has been inspirational, and we can’t wait for you to enjoy the film.  

Below you will find important details on how to watch Saturday’s virtual event. If you need anything between now and Saturday, please contact Stephan Dragisic at 336.758.5595 or Sarah Blackwell at 336.758.5889. 

The short film (approximately 45 minutes) will be available to view beginning at 7 p.m. on Saturday, April 24, and will remain accessible on Artarie until 12 p.m. on Monday, April 26
You will be required to create an Artarie account to access the film. View detailed instructions on how to watch.

What’s the best way to enjoy a stress-free Celebrate Reynolda? Make plans now on how you are going to watch! Reynolda staff are available to answer any technical questions you might have. And, be sure to review the event's program guide below.

Where should I watch Celebrate Reynolda?
The best part about a virtual fundraiser is that you can watch anywhere you would like, as long as you have a connection to the internet. 

Will I be on camera during Celebrate Reynolda? 
Not at all. You can be as dressed up or dressed down as you prefer. You won’t be seen! 

Do I have to “stream” Celebrate Reynolda? I just want to open up the movie and press play. 
No, you don’t have to stream Celebrate Reynolda onto a television. If you have a large group watching together, a television might make for a better viewing experience, but you are also welcome to open it up on a computer or a smartphone and press play. 

Do I have to watch it right at 7 p.m.? 
No! You get to decide when is the best time to Celebrate Reynolda! If you want to join in at 7 p.m. or wait until Sunday at 2 p.m., it’s your choice.

Help! I don’t know how to stream anything onto my TV!
Don’t worry - we’ve got your back! Artarie has developed a helpful list of instructions on how best to stream events directly to your tv. Just pick your streaming platform and click here for more information. 

Do I need an Artarie membership to view Celebrate Reynolda?
No, you don’t. You will be asked to create an Artarie account, but you will redeem your unique promo code to view the film. 

I loved the film and want to share it with all my closest friends. How can I do that?
We are thrilled you love Celebrate Reynolda as much as we do! Unfortunately, due to music rights, we ask that you not share Celebrate Reynolda or your unique promo code with others. Much like our usual tented gala on the front lawn of Reynolda, this year’s virtual fundraiser is a one-time event.