Long ago, God spoke to me to move forward in faith.
To believe when I could not see.
To trust when it seemed folly.
To stand firm when everything around was crumbling.
God called me to stand in the gap for children.
Children who were tossed aside, and left without any hope.
It has been a calling that has taken me into the depths of despair
But has allowed me to feel and taste the very presence of God.
I have seen children healed physically and psychologically.
I have seen children forgive those who have wounded them.
I have held children in their last moments before the angels come.
And I have laid on my face before God and begged for help and direction.
I have children in my care that need immediate medical intervention.
Children that need speech therapy.
Hearing aids.
And more than one child that needs life-saving surgery.
The problem is I don’t have enough money for payroll
for the 60 staff that work beside me.
Monthly support is always short. Every month.
It has been that way for a long time.
And I have children that need more than just food.
And an 11-year-old child who is desperate for a chance at life.
Open heart surgery.
Around $15,000 USD.
“When is my surgery, mom?”
He smiles, his eyes bright and hopeful.
How do I answer him? He so desperately wants to live.
How is this even a question?
How much is a life worth?
And how can I even consider this when there are no funds and I have over 100 children in my care?
I have always stood in faith.
With my face to the wind. Always. It was a calling.
And I feel now to move forward as I was called to do all those years ago.
I take his little face in my hands, and I say, “Pray, sweet boy. God will provide. But we must pray and believe. And I will ask.”

So, I ask. For people to come on board and financially give. Regularly. Monthly. To pay our staff, our bills, and buy our food and school supplies.
And for people to pray for this little boy. And to think of helping raise a crazy amount of money to save his life. I don’t know what else to do.

We are so thankful to everyone who has supported and continues to financially support the ministry of Gentle Hands. Currently, we are tremendously short of funds, our monthly deficit in the thousands of USD. Please consider partnering with us at Gentle Hands. Your help can make a huge difference.

You can support Gentle Hands through regular, ongoing monthly donations or you can give towards this little boy’s heart surgery appeal. Whatever you give, will make a difference as we work in bringing healing and hope to children in crisis.
Please email us at nathan.wheeley@gentlehands.org for more details.