The Beauty of Organizing...
Getting organized will allow your space to function for you and give you room to add the "pretty".  A plant, flowers or framed photo will personalize your space and make you smile while you're in it!  Invite us into your home and see what the possibilities are!  
Happy New Year!  We hope you've had a great start to 2014!  A new year usually brings resolutions or some intention to change a current habit or behavior.  We are going to address organization and offer a few tips in this newsletter.  Organizing works from the inside out -- when your mind can see what's in front of it (rather than a jumbled drawer or countertop), it brings balance and a sense of clarity; this allows you to be more productive.  Who can't use that!?  We think the most realistic way is to take on one drawer (or area) at a time.  There's a quote that resonates with us:

"In a year from now, you'll be so happy you started

So stop being overwhelmed, take control of your clutter, and call  us if we can help lay out a project plan for you.
Reclaim Your House from the Chaos!
I truly love the winter holiday season and all the wonderful decorations that it brings out of storage...but I also truly love taking it all down and creating a more simple, clutter free look!  If you are like me, December is so busy that all of my cabinets and drawers start to burst at the seams.  I love the quiet of January to start getting things in order for a new busy year!  You've read lots of articles on how to break up the task of organizing into small jobs; tackle one drawer at a time, one room at a time.  More important to me is not to neaten the clutter that has accumulated, but to prevent clutter from coming back.  

When I tackle a new area, I take everything out - then I have to "touch" every item before I put it back and ask the question, "do I use this enough to warrant space in this area?"  
Only put it back if you will miss it in a week. 
Only have items on your counter or desk used daily.  
Only have items in your desk drawer used monthly.  
Anything you touch once or twice a year does not have to be in your main area.  Space is too precious!  Take more away than you think and put it in a box; if in two weeks you don't go to that box, you know those items belong somewhere else!  Don't give up valuable counter space or cabinet space to mixers you rarely use, cookbooks you don't reference or canisters that only leave a flour-y mess behind.  Keep those platters, pasta machines or bunt cake pans in a high cabinet, laundry room or basement!  Leave room in your cabinet so there isn't an avalanche every time you need a dish!

The hardest part is starting, but remember, "A year from now, you will wish you started today!"  So if you need a push, give us a call and we will come over and dump out your junk drawer to get you started!!
Storage Ideas...
Take advantage of containers and organizing tools.  You may make a small investment, but they will last a long time and serve you well! 

Kitchen Junk Drawer
Kitchen Junk Drawer

Go Vertical...
Don't forget to think vertical -- there's a lot of wasted space in many cabinets!

Vertical Storage
Use vertical storage

You can also find shelves to plug inside cabinets to add another layer of storage.

Place items where you use them.  Spices and spatulas by the stove top; silverware and napkins in a drawer closest to the table.  If you keep the mindset "how do I use this?" and "do I use this?" you will find a logical place. 

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Get Started...
Procrastination is the thief of time!  Start your organizing today, take it one drawer or area at a time and you will reap the rewards for a long time!

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