New Year's Resolutions for Your Home

Ah, January! It's our favorite time of the year at Chancellor. It's like a great big exhale after the frenetic energy of December. The holidays are lovely, but they can be so overwhelming for our senses; do you agree? 

Years ago, we were looking for a way to balance that feeling for our clients. After packing away the holiday decor, many of us agree that a post-Christmas house can look a bit bare, so here's an idea: consider introducing a selection of paper whites and candles. Placing them in key areas throughout the home makes for a  monochromatic, serene, and elegant look, which can help us all feel simultaneously peaceful and energized about the year ahead. It can prepare your house to tackle some new year's resolutions...what, you think homes don't have those?  They just need our help to reach them. Here are some of the most common.

Lose a few pounds
Let's face it: there are a couple rooms in the house that are looking a little too plump, aren't there? A little too stuffed with stuff. They're definitely not ready for their close-ups. 

Let's make 2016 the year that those rooms are put on a strict (but loving!) calorie deficit. At Chancellor, we advocate starting in one area (an easy one, like the master bedroom or living room). Consider setting a defined time, like four hours, and schedule a few breaks for yourself in there. Determine if music helps or distracts, and play accordingly. 

We like the four-box method of decluttering: each item in the room should be considered individually, and it will either
  1. stay in this room,
  2. be relocated to another room,
  3. be donated, or 
  4. be trashed.
Once items have been boxed:
  1. Return "keep" items in a like-with-like manner, keeping things stored in zones. (For instance, all present wrapping items are in the same closet, etc.)
  2. Items in the "relocate" box may stay there until that room is decluttered, or may be put away (depending on the actual item). For instance, a pair of scissors could be put in the right drawer. Letters and photos that need to be sorted should be kept in a box to be dealt with later. 
  3. Donate & Trash box items should be dealt with immediately. Don't wait until you're "done". 
Now that your room has lost the weight, how do you keep it off? By exercising and eating healthy, of course!

Exercise and eat healthy
This one is a metaphor for all the unexpected junk we keep and bring in our homes: promo flyers, hotel shower caps, flat-packed side tables. What else can you think of? A new year is always a good opportunity to manage our belongings critically (exercise) and evaluate the new things we're inviting through the front door (eat healthy).

There are a few easy ways to keep your home in shape. 
    • Spend a few minutes every day tidying as you go.  Make it a habit.  After the scissors are used, they go back.  
    • Sort and handle all incoming mail
    • Put things away as they come into the house. New wrapping paper?  We know right where its suppose to go. 
    • Don't bring the junk home 
    • Assess items like William Morris said: "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."

Reduce stress
There are so many things to be stressed out about in life; owning or selling a home shouldn't be among them! We talk with clients every day who thank us for reducing the stress in their lives by helping with staging and designing projects that they couldn't do themselves. Thank you for that! We love what we do, and it's a happy bonus that our services make your lives easier. 

If your home is causing you stress, first have a stern talk with it because that's ridiculous. Houses have no right to your mental state. Then, give us a call at Chancellor. We'd love to hear how we can help you and your home to feel a little more at ease in 2016. 
Happy New Year!

All of us at Chancellor Designs

*Photo by  Ceasol; used under Creative Commons.
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