December 2020
The Never-Ending Story By: Beverly Matthews
"It's our Hometown"

"For the first 18 years of our lives - the years that shaped us into who and what we are today - our world evolved around New Castle and Henry County.

"And many of the people and many of the memories that mean the most to us are still there. The farther our lives have taken us from it, the more it's come to feel like home."

Improvised from Steve Kornacki's Salon Essay

This essay reminds me of the strong connection we all have to our hometowns - the places and people who shared our formative years. Celebrating our 35th year, it also reminds me of the strong thread the Henry County Community Foundation weaves through our lives, and celebrates our shared support and love of good we can accomplish together.

If you donated a dollar 35 years ago to the Foundation, that dollar is still doing important work today. Read more here.
Foundation Says Farewell By: Beverly Matthews
Vickie Rhodes, Executive Assistant and Gift Manager, at the Henry County Community Foundation, is retiring this December.

"The front face of the Foundation, Vickie has provided donors a simple, powerful, and highly personal approach to giving. She took her job to the next level by creating and managing expanded programs that reach more people, through her 'Giving Card', memorial, and honorary programs," Beverly Matthews, President. "She also took on the accounting clerk duties and worked with the Foundation's trustee to keep everything in the building in good working order."

It's hard to sum up a wonderful life, like Vickie's. A graduate of Knightstown High School and with her BS degree in education from Indiana University, Vickie's love for her community began early. Read more here.

Not Itemizing?
Corporate Giving?
A new Charitable Deduction allows for a contribution up to $300 per taxpayer ($600/married couple) to be deducted prior to the calculation of the AGI; therefore reducing your taxable income.
The Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) limit for cash contributions was increased for individual donors. You may choose to deduct up to 100% of your AGI.
Corporations may now deduct up to 25% of taxable income.
At the request of the family, the Foundation is honored to accept donations in memory of the following individuals.
September 30, 2020
October 21, 2020
October 23, 2020
November 20, 2020
November Memorials

Steve Bailey
Beth White Brown
Donna York Brown
Kate and Carly Estelle
John Michael Garvey
Kim Gibson
Michael Godsey
Phyllis Holloway
Sandi Jacobs
Cathy Keesling
Gay Keith
Nadine Kirkpatrick
Eric Landers
Mary Leitch
John Maher
Karen Marcum
Herby Meredith
Ruth Ann Millikan
Kevin Niles
Ronald Peters
Brian Shelton
Vivian Simpson
Sara Lou Stonerock
Jessica Wantz
November Honorariums

Addison Place
Steve Alford
Amanda Angle
Erin Bundy
Brad Hacker
Evelyn Luellen
Libby Mastin
Gerald Myers
Hank Broyles White
Hailey Woods

The following individuals made a contribution during the month of November.
Elliott and Betts Adams
Doris Addington-Brooks
Bill and Teresa Aitchison
Alpha Delta Kappa-Alpha Phi Chapter
Melvin Anspach
Dick and Sally Armstrong
James and Sherri Bell
Ronald Blessinger
Carolyn Bogue
Mark and Sarah Bowman
Duane and Ruth Brammer
Michael Broome
Judy Brown
Darin and Pam Brown
Kevin and Cindy Brown
Mike and Patty Broyles
Robert and Linda Jo Buggle
Herb and Judy Bunch
Maribeth Taylor
Steven and Mary Lou Chappell
Robert and Jeanne Childs
Fred and Bonnie Cook
David and Carolyn Copenhaver
Mark and Beverly Cronk
Bob and Carla Crowe
Mark and Becky Davisson
DeFur Voran Attorneys at Law
Peter and Pam DePrez
Robert and Chris Dicken
David and Lydia Dickey
Edwin and Teresa Easterday
Josh and Jan Estelle
Gregory and Abby Filter
Beth Ann Fox
Jack Frost
G.W.P Enterprises, Inc.
Marc and Lori Garrard
Martin and Stephanie Garrett
David and Karen Gilliam
Thomas and Karen Gorman
Phyllis Grant
David and Marsha Gratner
Marcia Groves
Dennis and Cathy Hamilton
Duke and Catherine Hamm
Bruce and Connie Harvey
Joel and Kelly Harvey
Henry County Clerks Office
Carole Anne Hiatt
Marcia Higham
Hinsey-Brown Funeral Services, Inc.
Steve and Carol Huffman
Dristle and Nan Hurst
Paula Ice
Ronald and Mary Jean Kaufman
Joe and Linda Kinnett
Doug and Jennifer Kinser
Georgiana Knapp
Gerald and Mary Krupp
John and Patti Lansinger
Tracy Lavarway
John D. Lee
Myra K. Lindsey
Kathryn Lorton
Magna Machine & Tool, Inc.
Casey Maher
Jenny Marcum
Jeff and Jane Mastin
Duane and Beverly Matthews
David and Kathy McCord
Pamela McDonald
Billy and Delores McElhaney
Wylie and Ann McGlothlin
McKown Properties, LLC
Pat Meredith
Gary and Liz Metroka
Middletown/Fall Creek Twp. Historical Society
Elson and Dorothy Miller
Roger and Teresa Miller
Nathan and Melissa Millikan
Sarah Murphy
Bonnie Myers
Larry and Pamela Nevins
New Castle Chrysler High School Class of 1980
Shelia Newland
Robert Noble
William and Debra Noble
Martha Overmyer
David and Lisa Padgett
Parkview Family Dentistry, P.C.
Ray and Karen Pavy
Donald and Lucinda Perdue
Jeff and Sherri Pfaff
Steve and Lisa Pfenninger
John and Jane Pidgeon
Doug and Nan Polk
Tim and Karen Preble
Melody Radford
Darrel and Rebecca Radford
James Reavis
Virginia Reeves
Rotary Club of New Castle
Frank Schwegman
Pam Shortridge-Bond
Wesley and Carolyn Shupert
John and Phyllis Slavens
John Sloan
Jeff and Kathy Smiley
Nancy Smith
Charles and Kim Stairs
Linda Stairs
Michael and Cynthia Summers
Lu Ann Sutton
The Duke Energy Foundation
Dale and Kathy Thompson
Paul and Sherry Trainor
Carolyn Upshaw
Olene Veach
Andrew and Elsa Verrill
Michael and Susan Wantz
Farrel and Jeri Weisheit
Laura Wenger
Edna Wheeler
Charles and Emma Willis
Mary Young

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