Dear Reader,
The Chronicle just published a survey titled "Celebrating The Best Of The Best In Houston, As Voted By Houstonians."

There were 191 different categories ranging from Apartment Complex to Yoga Studio and took 2 full pages in the newspaper with 3 finalists for each category.

It was well done of course and after all, it was The Houston Chronicle.

A suggestion, should the Chronicle decide to do it again:

There were no business development groups listed - also known as "networking groups."

Not even one!

And how many such groups are there in Houston?

Certainly hundreds if not thousands, eh?

So, let's request that "The Chron" add that category for next publication, and, since it was my keen eye that noticed it was missing, I humbly ask for your vote for "Services Cooperative Association's Houston CrossRoads Business Building Breakfast" as the "Networking" or "Business Development Group" for the future publication.

Please Copy & Send to Houston Chronicle:


I am recommending Houston CrossRoads Business Building Breakfast as the networking/business development group for the Houston Chronicle's "Celebrating The Best Of The Best" publication.

Name _______________________ & Email _______________________"


Give me a call, connect on Skype, send me an email or meet me at Corner Bakery Cafe, 9311 Katy Freeway (I-10 W at Echo Lane), 7:30 to 8:30 AM any Wednesday and we'll discuss what I might assist you with.

Successful regard$,
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PS: We're updating the "Live Chat" feature on our website. It will take a week or so.
PS2: Very Special Houston MG Car Club event - 50 years - on September 11th.
PS3: Remember that new professional development networking/special interest group I was asked to create? You can learn more here. Enrollments have started.

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