Join us at NOSE 2016 . . . Ischia Italy!


5th International Conference on Odour Monitoring & Control

September 28-30, 2016


Scentroid will be joined by a host of other global researchers, regulators, consultants, end users, and suppliers at this year's Nose2016 Conference in Ischia, Italy. The conference provides an excellent forum for the growing community of those involved with odour measurement, analysis and mitigation to learn about the latest in odour technology, and to share their research, insights and practical experience in dealing with odour issues.  The conference focuses on recent regulatory approaches on sampling strategies and equipment, and on the techniques for odour measurement and assessment including chemical analysis, dynamic olfactometry, electronic noses, dispersion modeling and a range of other relevant and evolving odour topics.  Scentroid is a proud sponsor, presenter and exhibitor in this year's Nose 2016 Conference. Read more here


Scentroid Announces SS400 at  NOSE2016
Includes a Major Advancement in Portable Olfactometry


We are excited to unveil Scentroid SS400, which will help define the future of sensory technology.
Scentroid SS400 olfactometer is an advance mobile 6 station portable olfactometer. The Six Station Portable Olfactometer SS400 is used to assess odour concentration from a sample using 2 presentation modes (Binary or Yes/No) by fulfilling the requirements of the EN13725 and VDI 3881 standards. 
Dr. Ardevan Bakhtari to Present Paper at NOSE2016
Merging VDI3940 Grid Method and In-Field Olfactometry to Obtain Complete Odour Impact Assessment
Dr. Bakhtari's presentation will focus on enhancement to the method of VDI3940 part 1 (VDI, 2006) incorporating the use of the SM100i in-field olfactometer within the assessment panel for obtaining an odour concentration level in the measured site. This methodology will allow not only the impact per number of hours within a period of a year to be determined as per the VDI3940 method, but will also allow the determination of the odour concentration in terms of Odour Units obtained through a reliable in-field olfactometry protocol. By combining the frequency of exposure, the odour concentration, and hedonic tone graphs obtained though the proposed enhanced VDI method,.... Request for full paper


Future of Sensory Technology


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