Steps we are taking at our Events!
Hello everyone,

In light of what is going on right now with COVID-19, we wanted to inform you that we, at Five Star NTP are following the CDC & counties closely. 
We have proactively made some changes and will continue to do so accordingly.
We ask everyone to please take the necessary precautions and practice everyday preventive actions. Please stay home if you are feeling sick.

We have  NO  plans of cancelling any current events. We will continue booking and executing until the government makes us stay at home.
I don’t feel we’re doing this recklessly, and as long as we do everything in our power to be safe, everything should be good. 
People don’t need to become hermits, we will need to get out, move around, interact with other humans, etc. 
I firmly believe that this will, in the long run, keep everyone happy & healthy. 

With that in mind, here’s what we’re doing at Events.
 A. Set Up:
Everything will be the same with a few exceptions.
  1. Everything will be sprayed down before and after the event.
  2. No touching people
B.  Check-In:
  1. Our Team will wear Gloves …and not touch their face
  2. We will hand people everything needed…again, no touching
  3. We will drop safety pins in the participants' hands, so you don’t have to dig in & pick them up.
  4. Please make sure you’re wearing your bib on the front chest - very important.
C. Start Line:
  1. All races will be chip-timed at the Start & Finish, so there’s no need to clump together. Please give each other room & spread out as much as possible.
  2. Participants will be brought up to the start line in small groups; lined up across the start line.
  3. We will visually verify bib numbers and that they’re reading in the timing software
  4. We will continue to take a picture of starters for backup
D. Course:
  1. No water/aid stations along any courses to eliminate the need for contact. We ask that you please bring your own hydration for during the race if you are able. We will have water bottles available, but will need to limit 1 per person.
E. Finish Line:
  1. We’ll be verifying everyone's chip is read at the finish line as normal.
  2. We’ll by using hand scanners to capture backup reads. Please keep a safe distance as well & let us confirm you are scanned "good to go". These scanners are pretty fast.  
  3. NO BIB TAG COLLECTION! We will not come in contact with participants.  
  4. We’ll write down finishers in the order that they come across on a piece of paper as backup.
F.  Post Race:
  1. Our team will be gloved and hand out finish line refreshments.
  2. Please do not grab for items and give each other space.
  3. We won’t be getting to close.
G. Awards:
  1. Please give each other some space.
  2. We’ll be handing medals to the athletes. Athletes may place it around their own neck, then turn and have their picture taken.
H. Again...
  1. Try not to touch anything. 
  2. Everything will be wiped down before & after.
  3. We’ll be switching over to a 100% chip time for Awards
  4. We’ll be making sure participants have a little more room than they may normally have.
I. Bigger events
  1. For bigger events we’ll be making every effort to do different waves with about 30 minute gaps so we are able to follow the same start procedure above. This will extend the event out, but will reduce the number of people at any one time and moving along the course.
  2. If possible, we’ll separate the start/finish lines.

All of our Events do have a virtual option available. Meaning, you may run when & where you want & we'll mail you your shirt!
Any participants needing to switch to the Virtual Event will need to email  the sooner the better. You may also just register for the Virtual Option! =)

Just to reiterate, please bring your own hydration for during the race if you are able to and we’ll be handing everything to you; such as safety pins, finish line refreshments & Award medals. We will still do our best so that everyone is able to come out & enjoy our events!
Five Star NTP [] []