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November 2022

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Keep it simple!

As we enter the holiday season, we can be overwhelmed by excess. Excessive shopping, excessive eating and drinking and excessive scheduling.

We all can get easily caught up in the hustle and bustle and not stay true to ourselves. We encourage you to make yourself a priority. Continue to make healthy choices when you eat. Continue to get restful sleep. Continue to exercise, even if it's for ten minutes a day. Continue to pray and give thanks for your blessings. And, of course, continue to have your spine checked for vertebral subluxations because they limit your life expression. 

We like to keep it simple. We could add different modalities to your adjustment. We could complicate our scheduling procedures. We could explain chiropractic in jargon that few would understand. But what would that accomplish? Chiropractic is simple. Your body functions better when free from nerve interference-every time, no exceptions, whether you feel different or not. 

Make yourself and your family a priority and stay focused on what matters. You matter! See you on your next visit.

Uphill or downhill

-The only way to coast is by going downhill.

A simple, yet important, truth you need to know is that everything is always changing, even You!

What you must also understand is that there are only two ways that your body can change in any moment...You can function normal/better (potentially be stronger and healthier), or... you can function abnormal/worse (potentially be weaker and sicker).

Our goal at the end of the day is to have spent more time functioning better than functioning worse, so that we can function better overall each day.

The functioning of your body at any given moment is determined by how fully you are expressing your innate intelligence (life energy).

Maximal expression of your innate intelligence brings a better functioning body (not just health).

If you want to help your body function better 3 things are needed:

1) A Deliberate and Positive Focus

2) A Healthy Lifestyle (proper exercise, nutrition, rest, etc.)

3) A "Clear" Neurological CONNECTION between your brain and your body.

A clear neurological connection is what helps you keep thinking good things, it helps you use all the good things you get from your healthy choices and it is what really helps you functioni better all the time!

When you get checked and adjusted you are making sure your innate intelligence is free to do its job so that you can keep functioning better as much as possible!

thanks to Stamatis Tsamoutalidis, DC for this article

Chiropractic philosophy

Chiropractic may very well be one of the least understood philosophies of life and health. It is based upon a few very simple ideas.

The body is designed with an inborn ability to maintain itself in a state of proper function. A newborn baby may seem small, fragile and helpless, but within that body is the ability to make food into living tissue, to heal cuts and bruises, to adapt to changes in the environment, to produce the chemicals necessary to perform every bodily function, to fight off invading organisms, to live as much as 100 or more years, in short, to lead a healthy, productive life.

The brain and nerve system are the primary tools by which we attain proper function, what we commonly call health. Every organ, gland and cell in the body depends upon messages carried to and from the brain in order to function in a coordinated manner so that each part can benefit the whole of the body producing a full and abundant life.

Interference in the nerve system reduces the body's ability to function in a coordinated manner. While a corpse has a brain and nerve system, it does not have life, there is no power or energy flowing over the nerve system. Similarly, a paralyzed person has lost function due to injury to the nerve system. Even slight damage to the delicate and vital nerve system can reduce the body's ability to function at its fullest potential.

A spinal misalignment that interferes with the nerve system (called a vertebral subluxation) creates a reduction in coordinated function. Slight misalignments of the bones of the spine caused by everyday, common activities can interfere with the ability of the nerve system to carry messages that are necessary for the successful accomplishment of those everyday activities, not the least of which is the attainment of maximum health.

Chiropractors correct vertebral subluxations. The single objective of the chiropractor is to locate and correct vertebral subluxation in adults and children so that families and entire communities are able to express life at a higher level.

If you and your family are not seeing a chiropractor regularly, you are not doing all you could for your life and health.

Thanks to our friend Joe Strauss, D.C. for this article.

Immunity and chiropractic practice

The title above comes from a paper published in the Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research. The paper, published on March 29, 2021, reviews the scientific evidence showing how the chiropractic correction of subluxations has a positive effect on the immune system.

The paper begins by stating their recommendation for the practice of chiropractic relative to immune function. "A growing body of evidence supports our understanding of the role of the nervous system in immune system function. Basic science studies and clinical reports in the scientific literature provide supportive evidence of the beneficial effects of chiropractic care in improving function, including immune system function and quality of life."

The paper searched and reviewed the scientific studies and evidence that related to chiropractic care and the function of the immune system to see if there was evidence that chiropractic care influences a person's immune system. The researchers cited many experts and their findings which linked the correction of nerve system interference caused by vertebral subluxations.

Most of the reviewed research deals with the relationship between the autonomic nerve system and interference to nerve function caused by mechanical misalignments known as spinal subluxations. One such research paper, authored by a researcher Dr. Rome, stated that "This observation would tend to support the concept of a connection between the state of the somatic component, importantly a vertebral articulation, and at least the sympathetic nervous system – a somatosympathetic neurological circuit."

Many of the studies looked at various biomarkers and chemicals within the body before and after chiropractic care. In these research studies, the biomarkers that indicate immune response were improved after chiropractic care was initiated. The supposition can therefore be made that the immune system is functioning at a higher level with chiropractic care for the correction of subluxations.

One major study that was reviewed was conducted by Dr. Ron Pero. In that study, the immune response was tested on people who received chiropractic care verses healthy people who did not get chiropractic care. These results were then compared to the immune response of people with cancer or other serious health issues. The authors of this review commented on the Pero study by noting, "It was reported that the chiropractic patients had a 200% greater immune-competence than people who had not received chiropractic care and a 400% greater immune competence than people with cancer or other serious diseases."

The review study authors quoted Dr. Pero in his original study. "I'm very excited to see that without chemical intervention this particular group of patients under chiropractic care did show a very improved response. These changes come from chiropractic treatment."

In an overview of the recommendations the researchers made to chiropractors, they stated, "Evidence-informed practice involves the integration of the knowledge and experience of the chiropractor, the best available research evidence, and the needs and preferences of individual patients. Furthermore, chiropractors must be free to discuss, publish, and otherwise disseminate the best available evidence, and in practice, apply it to the needs of individual patients."

Thanks to our friend Ron Castellucci, D.C. for this article.

Today's quote

"The longer vertebral subluxation is allowed to remain uncorrected, the greater the damage it does. It does more harm on the second day than on the 1st, more in the second year than in the first. The person's ability to express his or her potential, continues to decrease with every passing day, week, month, or year. Within this diminishing spiral of possibility, the person lives - perhaps aware, perhaps not - of lessened functioning. Eventually, he or she may seek help in hopes of reversing the trend."

-From our friend and mentor Reggie Gold, DC

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