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September 2020
Pearls of Wisdom from Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin lived 88 years.

He left us 4 statements:

(1) Nothing is forever in this world, not even our problems.
(2) I love walking in the rain because no one can see my tears.
(3) The most lost day in life is the day we don't laugh.
(4) Six best doctors in the world...

1. The sun
2. Rest
3. Exercise
4. Diet
5. Self-respect
6. Friends

(and of course, we would add keeping your spine free from subluxations!)

Stick to them at all stages of your life and enjoy a healthy life...

If you see the moon, you will see the beauty of God...
If you see the sun, you will see the power of God...
If you see a mirror, you will see God's best creation. So believe it.
We are all tourists, God is our travel agent who has already identified our routes, bookings and destinations... trust him and enjoy life.
Life is just a journey! Therefore, live today!
Tomorrow may not be.

~Charlie Chaplin
Back to school backpack contest winner
Congratulations to the winner of our Back-To-School Backpack Luke Z!

And good luck to all of our students beginning a new school year!

There is amazing power and accomplishment in simplicity. True masters in any field or profession develop skills and structure that are very simple. The way to being high successful is to develop your skill set and mind set to a point where you make it look simple and you communicate with clarity and simplicity.

Practice and repetition in a way that approach perfection is essential. Clarity of purpose creates simplicity. Surrounding ourselves with every habit and influence makes us stronger and keeps us moving in the direction of our goals and purpose. In a complex world, the focus on simplicity will create peace and accomplishment in your life. Make chiropractic one of your habits in your journey of massive success through simplicity my friends.

thanks to Mark Romano, DC for this article
What to expect on your first visit
Whether you’ve been to a chiropractor before or if this is your first chiropractic experience, you will be greeted with a warm smile by Dr. Daria or Dr. Joe.

After signing in, we will spend a few minutes getting to know each other. We’ll talk about what chiropractic is, what we do and why. And we’ll talk about what you are looking for from your family’s chiropractor.

Why do we do this? To make sure that you and your family are in the right place. Example: If you’re looking to buy a washer and dryer and we’re selling color TVs, neither of us is going to have a great experience. If you’re looking for something other than what we offer at SFCC, we will gladly refer you to someone else who may. Really.

Next, we’ll ask you to complete only the paperwork we absolutely need. After our chiropractic exam, we will share our findings with you and outline our recommendations for care. If, during the course of your exam, we determine the need for additional information (imaging studies, for example), we will assist you in getting that information.

During your adjustment, you may hear a “popping” sound from your spinal joints. Nothing to be alarmed by. This is simply a release of gases within the joint similar to when you crack your knuckles.

After your adjustment, you will be given some paperwork to take home and review. You can expect to be here from 30-45 minutes for your initial visit. And that’s the last appointment you’ll ever make with us!

For all subsequent visits, we have an open adjusting policy whereby you can come in any time during regular hours. You’ll be given a calendar listing all of the dates and times we are open each month by e-mail. If our recommendations are to see you three times weekly, pick any three days we are open and come in. It’s that simple. Regular visits take less time than your initial visit. We respect your time and understand the constantly changing dynamic of family commitments.

Our objective: to keep you and your family's spines free from subluxations regardless of the presence or absence of symptoms. EVERY human being under EVERY circumstance will function at a higher level when free from subluxations.

Monthly calendar
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NOTE: The office will be closed on Monday, September 7 for Labor Day.