Bid Buzz - Vol 01 - Issue 03 | March 2019
Maximising tender launch meetings
The importance of Social Value in your bid responses
What happens to public sector procurement after a no-deal Brexit?
Get set for highways infrastructure opportunities
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Maximising tender launch meetings
Tender planning meetings are a vital part of every successful bid. None more so than the kick-off meeting. It’s your ideal opportunity to provide key information, assemble content experts, gain buy-in from essential stakeholders, assign tasks and motivate the entire bid team.

Whilst content and personnel will vary from bid to bid, the meeting process can be distilled into a set of best practices which should be followed each time. After presiding over countless tender launch meetings, our bid experts have created a set of meeting blue prints to ensure effective tender launch meetings.

Presented in two sections, we’ve published a set of pre-meeting activities to maximise value on the day and a 13-point plan to ensure you achieve all your meeting objectives. Read more.
The importance of Social Value in your bid responses
Demonstrating social value in tenders, PQQs and SQs is not new, but it has evolved. The tokenism of the past, where Corporate Social Responsibility commitments were not scrutinised too deeply, have long gone. Today, social value needs to have a real, measurable and demonstrable impact.

We are seeing some commissioning authorities increasing their social value scoring. Overall bid weightings of 20% allocated to social value are not uncommon. 

So, what type of social value questions are being asked? And how should they be answered?
What happens to public sector procurement if a no-deal Brexit?
With Brexit negotiations hanging in the balance, we thought it would be useful to signpost Bid Buzz readers to the latest government updates regarding outcomes for the public sector procurement process in the event of a no-deal Brexit. Last updated 12 March 2019, The UK Government has published guidance here.

It provides information for contracting authorities, bidders and other interested parties. The key points can be summarised as follows:

  • Current procurement rules will remain largely unchanged
  • Contracting authorities will have to publish notices on a new UK e-notification platform as opposed to sending them for publication on OJEU.
  • The requirement for procuring authorities to advertise contracts in current publications, such as, Contracts Finder, Public Contracts Scotland and Defence Contracts Online will remain unchanged.
  • Procuring authorities who publish directly to OJEU will need to register with a new UK e-notification service.
  • Any procurements that are ‘live’ on exit day will be required to comply with the revised regulations from that point.

The guidance also contains useful detail about other e-notification systems to be used to inform suppliers about new opportunities.
Get set for highways infrastructure opportunities
March 2019 saw invitations to tender issued by Highways England seeking bids for the East region construction framework £330m. A timely reminder to highways contractors that there will soon be more opportunities to follow as the government will roll out its second Roads Investment Strategy (RIS2) covering 2020-25.

A pot of £25.3bn has been set aside for this which is a 40% increase on the current RIS1. The final RIS2 will be published later this year. Keep your eyes peeled!

Specific strategic studies are also underway to develop options for the Oxford to Cambridge expressway, M60 Manchester north-west quadrant and A66 (North Trans-Pennine). These transformational investment programmes, which will need to be implemented over several RIS periods, will present more bidding opportunities.

Book your place on the Bid Buzz Knowledge Day
Online registration for our knowledge day is now open. It takes place between 10am and 3pm on Friday 7th June 2019 at IWM Duxford, Cambridgeshire. 

This seminar will be an opportunity to update your bid writing skills and get the latest insights from our construction industry bid experts.

You will take part in interactive sessions covering:

  • Getting ready to bid and preparing your submissions
  • Understanding the buyer and their requirements in 2019
  • Current trends, industry insights and new bid writing tools
  • Soft Landings: An alternative method of demonstrating added value
  • Writing your submission – strategies for success
  • Ensuring 100% compliance
  • Tactics for creating compelling responses
  • Creating the differentiator in your bid

Tickets are £75 + vat and include refreshments throughout the day plus a buffet lunch and
a tour of the aircraft museum.

Places will be limited to ensure accelerated learning in small groups. Early booking is therefore advised. Review the full agenda and book online.
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