Our mission is to create a viable business atmosphere that will attract
compatible and diverse sustainable economic development opportunities
while focusing on retention/expansion projects, quality of life and job creation.
The loan fund can be used for:

  • Machinery and equipment
  • Working capital (term up to 7 years)
  • Furniture and fixtures
  • Real property (term up to 15 years)

Minimum loan amount: $10,000. Interest rate: 4%. Eligible for profit businesses must employ less than 50 persons and have less than $1 million in projected gross revenue. This is an Equal Opportunity Program. For more information, please contact Carol Calabrese at 518-873-9114 or ccalabrese@essexcountyida.com
Punky Noodles in Ticonderoga

Since founding in 2020, Punky Noodles has been a popular destination for fun in Ticonderoga. They offer guests of all ages the chance to enjoy endless avenues to adventures through play and imagination in a safe and fun-filled environment.

To learn more about their upcoming programs click below.
Mont Calm Apothecary
Mont Calm Apothecary's mission is to create an environment for all of their clients wellness needs, focusing on holistic and natural products and techniques to compliment current personal care practices. Sarah Kuhl has been a Licensed NYS Massage Therapist for the past fifteen years. 
The local support happening throughout the region during this pandemic has been amazing to witness. We are so proud to be a part of a community that understands the immense value that these local restaurant and retail locations bring to our area. ⁠
The winter months bring their own challenges – the pace of life and business slows down pretty dramatically. Add on top of that an ongoing pandemic, limited indoor capacities, severe restrictions at the Canadian border and continuously changing state regulations and you have yourself a perfect (snow) storm that we know can be overcome with your continued support. ⁠
So let’s keep the momentum going – a helpful reminder to support your neighbors and friends!⁠