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So many things happened this month! At the beginning Tegan Lighting took over our Instagram page, we announced a new partnership with Leotek, in the middle of June we brought on a stellar addition to our team: Annette Webb, and then the spec team headed out to Vegas for Lightfair to catch up with old friends and learn about the latest products released by our manufacturers!

Annette joins our team with an incredible work ethic, knowledge of the lighting industry and the honesty we strive for.

You have likely seen this face before, as Annette has made quite an impact on the Arizona market with over 25 years of experience in lighting. She was the co-owner of a lighting agency, and most recently spent over 17 years working for Philips/Signify.

Lighting isn't Annette's only passion though. She has been married to her wonderful husband Gary for over 20 years, and has a great love for animals-especially her 100 pound pit-bull "Diesel"-her baby (pictured above). She also loves to hike, and take Pilates reformer classes in her free time.

Please join us in welcoming Annette to our team!

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New Partnership

We are proud to announce our new partnership with Leotek Electronics USA LLC. Founded in 1992 in California’s Silicon Valley, Leotek is a leading global manufacturer of street, roadway, area and signal lighting products. Leotek streetlights were first designed and delivered in 2007 and the company now has more than 1.5 million installations across North America.

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Designed by Lucifer

monopoint_feature_aluminafinishes_400h-2- image

Elegant design means this monopoint does more. An inventive elbow

built into the fixture body that allows a full 90 degree tilt

and drop lengths of up to 1' extended adjustability.


Five premiere anodized finishes, each available in two refined surface treatments: brushed and matte.

elegantfinishes_alumina_brushed_row1_5col_380h-1- image
elegantfinishes_alumina_matte_5col_380h-1- image
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Designed by BetaCalco

Micro Cylinder dabs elegance to minimalism. Lustrous anodized bezels revamp a modest shape into a dashing downlight. With lengths ranging from 12” to 36”, unique arrangements can be configured to create remarkable ceiling effects. The light output is optimized according to the length of the cylinder allowing more lumen package options for various performance requirements. Regressed optics combined with bezels and a slender profile offer visual and aesthetic comfort.

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Designed by JLC Tech

3a63169d-86fa-47fd-9bc9-d9070f6b8d58 image

The first and only 4” linear downlight to install just like a cross tee in a suspended ceiling. The GEMINI revolutionizes the installation process to achieve linear lighting on-center with the grid by replacing the actual cross tees. Typical linear downlights require a custom grid opening to be constructed in order to support the fixture, while the GEMINI has integrated cross-tees to create this on-center opening without additional grid components. This simplifies installation and allows for a more cohesive ceiling aesthetic. Offered with a single 4” wide lens, or a dual lens option that matches the surrounding grid lines, the GEMINI provides a low-glare, simple to install, linear downlight lighting solution while also conserving plenum space.  

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Designed by Tegan

b0cd14bd-8e7a-45ea-a789-8ab7914ed8fc image

From the “golden hour” of twilight into the darkest of night, Exton creates a harmonized “dialogue” between, people, structures and buildings. Connect modules as desired on the Powerspan Cable to achieve flexible illumination where you need it. Tegan’s complete IP65 systems combine, beautiful LED modules, engineered mounting brackets, power supplies and poles. Engineered with “Intelligent” constant current control processors to guarantee light output for long runs. Custom designed by Tegan in Northern California; unmatched in North America.





tegan-lighting-exterior-exton-cable-gallery-3 image
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a Collaboration between BUZZI and Tegan

tegan-lighting-interior-acoustic-buzzi-drum-gallery-medium-4 image

Meet this “buttoned up” acoustic pendant. This quintessential shape, paired with Tegan’s warm LED lighting, provides a comfy feeling to any space. This classic, functional pendant is well-suited for open-plan offices, hospitality settings and breakout areas.





tegan-lighting-interior-acoustic-buzzi-drum-main-small-1 image
tegan-lighting-interior-acoustic-buzzi-drum-gallery-small-1 image
tegan-lighting-interior-acoustic-buzzi-drum-gallery-large-3 image
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OVERFLY_colori_composizione-2 image

OverflyDesign by Marc Sadler

for Olev

Sadler_39_ph2 image

French citizen born in Austria, Marc Sadler currently lives in Milan. Experimentation with plastics has often formed a key part of his activity. He already showed a strong curiosity for the subject choosing it for his thesis at ENSAD in Paris. Citizen of the world (he has lived and worked for many years in Europe, North America and Asia), he is a consultant for companies in the fields of home furnishings, large and small household appliances, lighting, technically advanced products, and sports. Despite his reputation as a technical designer, Marc Sadler has a strong feeling for painting and drawing, finding it so emotionally absorbing as to consider it his real passion.

As a 4-time winner of the Compasso d’Oro, the most coveted and authoritative prize in the world of design, Marc Sadler will be the new creative mind behind the 2019 Olev collection, which was presented in Milan.

“Designing for OLEV means following the two ‘souls’ of the company, which apparently seem antithetical, but in reality meet and combine in an extremely coherent pathway.

The purely technical soul, which however doesn’t disregard embellishing details, couples with the decorative soul, which has its strength in the research and attention to details.

Different souls, but with common threads that would delight everyone who, like me in this case, has the chance to orchestrate a unique image of the company that will display its real essence on the outside.

I took up this challenge with great interest given the impressive expertise on hand – Andrea’s knowledge in particular and his sincere and enthusiastic aptitude for experimenting new ways of “doing”: more and better.

A combination that will definitely amaze you!”

Marc Sadler

e6635a53-272b-493c-ae75-9ce0deffd368 image

Rowan ShadesDesign by Rowan Chase

for Tegan Lighting

1ba0b465-1e81-432d-8c49-9a4b8c20f558 image

A resident of the area for more than 40 years, Chase was raised in a household that encouraged an appreciation of its natural surroundings. There was freedom to sleep under the stars, build forts and explore caves on the family’s sprawling acreage. Tools were available for fabrication and invention, and it was during this period of exploration and experimentation that the foundation was laid for Chase’s artistic pursuits.

Vibrant color and high contrast are the hallmarks of Rowan Chase shades. His works, primarily landscapes and fluid abstracts, are informed by the undulating hillsides, broad ocean vistas and wild beauty of his home on California’s Central Coast.

Tegan Lighting offers their exclusive, high output Kore Ambient LED Pendant technology with Rowan shades for commercial and hospitality applications. Each Rowan Shade pendant is handmade by the artist and features designs from his portfolio printed on 100% cotton velvet watercolor paper. Focused on both aesthetics and function, the pieces are backed by a protective liner and mounted on white powder-coated lampshade rings for easy cleaning. Additionally, they are sealed with a UV-blocking matte urethane to ensure color saturation and durability.

tegan-lighting-interior-decorative-rowan-gallery-5 image
keshi_s50-s30-david-abad-blux-01 image

KeshiDesign by David Abad

for B.Lux

david-abad-blux-home_1 image

In 1988, David Abad finally joined the family business dedicated to the industrial engineering in the R & D department, later, in 1997, he created his own project ”dab” dedicated to design, editing and production of lighting elements and also special projects where he was responsible in the creative and technical department.

David’s aesthetic conception was amalgamated between their studies and skills in design and engineering and from his childhood, strongly influenced by spending summers in the family metal workshop and the urban upbringing in the eclectic city of Barcelona where the architecture and the Mediterranean light are really unique.

In 2004 he began as a project teacher at the Eina Design and Art school where he enjoy as a product teacher giving students his particular vision of the design world.

During these years his work has been recognized with numerous awards from national and international design as Red Dot, If Awards, Design Plus, Good Design, Design Preis, Delta Selection etc.

Multidisciplinary artist, has always been involved in a variety of projects in different fields such as architecture, art or photography.

In 2012, he creates his new studio ”davidabadesign” which begins a new stage, working with different companies in different fields, especially it begins a relationship with the company ” Blux ” which assumes the technical and creative direction bringing new designs to their collection until mid-2015 that leaves such responsibility to concentrate his effort in the new studio where he developed his signature creations.

Restless, always searching for new challenges that take him to evolve.

Action, don’t think, just feel, create and believe.

Inspired by the same-named Japanese dolls, the B.Lux Keshi lights appeal with a marble base and magical lighting effects.


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How to Attach Your Shade

to Your Exton Module

How to Attach Cable

onto Tensioning Bracket

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By Alphabet

The entire NU Series was successfully NSF Certified! Certified in December 2021, the NSF certification ensures that our products meet strict standards for public health protection. The extensive certification process inspects every aspect of the fixture, including testing the chemical properties of our paint finishes.

All NU Series Fixtures with lens are now NSF Certified for:

Splash Zone: Areas where direct contact with food products during normal operations would not be expected; however, the fixture may be situated such that liquids used in the processing or cleaning procedures, may splash, spill, or otherwise soil the surface of the fixture. Fixture is tested to withstand high pressure hose wash down.

Applications - Wet or damp process areas; high pressure purging and/or decontamination used in the process; areas using hose wash down

Non-Food Zone: Areas where direct contact with food products during normal operations would not be expected. Equipment is located outside the normal wash down area.

Applications- Kitchens; food storage; dry process areas; damp process areas with no drip possibility.

You can find the NSF Certification details on our NU Series Spec Sheets & Alphabet website.



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